You Know You’re A Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee When…

(A blog post from November 2015)

As the teacher trainees move into their final week, we’ve started to notice some patterns…



It is the FINAL week of training for the Peak Physique Hot Yoga teacher trainees — the assessment is this Saturday! I think I speak for all of us when I quite simply say…’EEK!’

It is going to be a long week of studying, getting assignments in and practicing for our assessment, but I believe that all of us can do it— we’ve got this!

As you can imagine, tensions are a little high, so I’ve decided to write a fun post to lighten the mood. When you take on the Peak Physique Hot Yoga teacher training program, Hot Yoga becomes your life and you start to notice patterns — some funny, some not so funny. Here is what I have noticed:

You know you’re a Hot Yoga teacher trainee when…


1. You start sleeping in your yoga clothes

This may be due to passing out with tiredness after a long day of training, or just because you know your brain wont be functioning properly when you wake up for that 6am session you need to squeeze in!


2. Your washing is 99.9% yoga wear

‘Didn’t you just wash those tights yesterday?’

‘Yeah…they were also in the load from the day before. What’s your point?’


3. People look at you funny (and sometimes with admiration!) 

When people ask you what you are doing on the weekend, and you tell them that you are training to become a hot yoga teacher… they sort of just look at you like, ‘…what? That is so COOL!’
4. You wake up with a smile… 

Waking up fresh and ready for a full day of teacher training is a nice feeling… you get to your classes and everyone is so happy and keen to learn. Plus, the training is a lot of fun!


5. You have a new network of ‘instant friends’ who are suddenly the only ones who understand you

Inside ‘teacher trainee’ jokes are only funny when your yoga friends are around. (Example: the current teacher trainees have an ongoing Facebook group message named ‘Bunny Krishnas,’ which I suppose is only hilarious to us…sorry!)


6. You know the true torture of being slightly hung over at one of the full-day sessions

Guilty! But I know I’m not the only one…


7. Your family are avoiding you

After enrolling them all into lounge room yoga sessions for practice, your family suddenly don’t want to meet your eye…

8. You start revaluating your life according to yogic principals

‘Should I eat this pizza? What would Patanjali say?’



9. Your friends keep saying ‘I will come to the classes when you start to teach!’

And you’re just like…*gulp!* But then you get really excited and proud to know that this will be a reality soon!


10. Being sweaty becomes an almost constant state

Yep…a bit gross, but that doesn’t make it untrue.



Rach 🙂