Yoga Stereotypes…debunked!

In a world that often promotes yoga as an exercise only for young women of a particular size and brand-name wardrobe, it is no wonder that the vast majority of us can feel a little bit exempt. This should NOT be the case!

We believe that yoga is for EVERY BODY! No matter what your age, gender, body shape or capability, we know that yoga has a place in your lifestyle! This ancient practice has found it’s way into the modern world for good reasons- not just for companies to sell over-priced workout gear! Here are 6 of the yoga stereotypes that we often hear- debunked!

mike and suz


 I don’t do yoga because…


…Yoga is for girls

SIMPLY. NOT. TRUE! Yoga is essentially a deep and powerful stretch, and what man (or woman) doesn’t need this in their lives? If you’re needing motivation, there are lots of male ‘celebrity-yogis’ out there- have a Google! At Peak Physique Hot Yoga, some of our most dedicated and regular students are male- some are footballers looking to stretch out before and after games, others are older men looking to stay limber. Mike is one of the master trainers and directors of Peak Physique Hot Yoga– proving that males fit into the yoga world just as much as women! And if you think that yoga isn’t going to be challenging enough for you… we dare you to take on a Hot Yoga class!


…I’m too old for Yoga

Yoga is the perfect workout for EVERY age group. Why? Because it is a low-impact way of getting your heart rate up while also stretching out those muscles! Did you know that staying flexible slows the aging process? Forget all those expensive creams and anti-aging supplements- yoga is what will keep you feeling and looking young!


mike and suz 2


 …I can’t afford Yoga

Yoga is often marketed towards a higher socio-economic crowd- but what business isn’t? It is important to forget this stereotype and know that yoga is NOT the expensive past time that celebrities have made it out to be. All you need is your mat, a towel and a bottle of water. Peak Physique Hot Yoga classes cost as little as $16 for a casual visit, but if you can’t make it to a studio, check out our YouTube channel for some of our Mike and Suz sequences! There is so much information on the Internet about yoga that practicing from home is easy and cost-free!


…I don’t have any trendy yoga clothes

This one is really about getting past that stereotypical ‘yoga image.’ Practicing yoga is supposed to be comfortable, and you don’t need any brand-name clothes to achieve this. Wearing loose, comfortable clothing (like you would at a gym, but without shoes!) is all you need to have an easy practice! We like to wear bright, colourful (and inexpensive) gear to get us motivated and feeling happy!


…I’m not a vegetarian

Although yoga comes from Ayurvedic teachings that also encourage a vegetarian diet, it is important to remember that yoga has been adapted by the modern world. While we recommend healthy, light meals with a consistent yoga practice, this does not mean you have to be vegetarian. We are not vegetarian, but we know vegetables are valuable- make sure you include them in your diet! We encourage you to find what diet and eating plan works for you- experiment!

mike and suz 3


…I’m not flexible enough for yoga

Becoming flexible is the whole point of starting yoga in the first place! We doubt many first-time yoga-goers will be very flexible to begin with, as most people don’t stretch nearly as much as they should. Especially in Hot Yoga, try to take notice of how much more flexible you are with each class- the quick results will startle you!


Now that we have cleared the air, we hope to see you rolling out you mat soon- no matter who you are!

 Mike & Suz 🙂


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