Why We Love Hot Yoga: The BENEFITS & RESULTS!

Hot Yoga- a workout made famous by celebrity advocates (such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna!) and made infamous for its hot temperatures and sweaty sequences!

But what is it that makes Hot Yoga so addictive? The answer is in the BENEFITS and the RESULTS!

hot yoga benefits

Because Hot Yoga is a full body and mind workout, it boasts fast results in a range of different areas. While yoga in itself is a workout as well as a form of mediation, the added heat in Hot Yoga allows for a deeper stretch, a more strenuous workout and a form of exercise that requires focus and breath-control. So whether you are looking for a new way to get your heart rate up or a different way to meditate, Hot Yoga has you covered. Still not convinced? Perhaps this list of benefits will have you sweating:


-increased flexibility

-improvement and prevention of injuries

-improved cardiovascular fitness

-improved muscle strength

-strong core

-weight loss

-body toning

-improved brain function

-improved mental health

-improved thyroid and hormone function

-clear skin

-improved arthritis symptoms

-improved diabetic symptoms

-improved digestion

-decrease in stress levels

-improved emotional health

-makes other exercise easier and less painful

-decreased appetite

-improved sweat gland function


hot yoga benefits


So whatever your goals are, we know Hot Yoga can help you to achieve them- just like it helped us to achieve ours!

Mike & Suz  🙂

hot yoga benefits

Want to see what you can gain from a regular Hot Yoga practice? Join our Peak Physique Hot Yoga 10-Day challenge! 10 consecutive days of Hot Yoga to help you start your new healthy life in 2016!

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