Why We Include Vegetarian Meals In Our Diet…Even If We Are Not Vegetarian


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Yoga often goes hand in hand with a vegetarian diet, and while this can work well for some people, it may not work for others. This has become quite a controversial issue in the yoga world. Some interpretations of ancient yogic teachings suggest that yoga can only truly be practiced with a vegetarian diet. We respect and accept this view, however we also know that yoga has now become a modern practice with plenty of different interpretations, depending on different people and perspectives!

We are yogis. We are yoga enthusiasts. We live a yogic life.
We are not vegetarian.

This is our personal choice and something that works for us! However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t love vegetarian food! We know the value of vegetables and believe in enriching our diets with nutrients, minerals and easy-to-digest produce. Vegetarian meals definitely have their place on our plates- and they should have a place on yours, too! (even if you’re not vegetarian!)

Suz: I always feel awesome after eating lots of veggies. I find that vegetarian meals make me feel full, but not too full- just right! I also feel that eating lots of veggies helps me to digest my food better and faster.

There is a common misconception that vegetarian diets are too low in protein to be healthy… not true! Even though we are not vegetarian, we appreciate a hearty vegetarian meal and know that we can get plenty of protein from plant-based meals! You can read about this in one of our recent blog posts, Protein: What It Is And Where You Can Get It !

Mike: My favourite form of vegetarian protein is a good broad bean dish! They are really tasty and also easy to add to meals for that extra protein boost!


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The best part? When we cook vegetarian it is super easy and even the simplest recipes can be mega delicious! We recommend you roast some sweet potatoes and top with homemade pesto, fry some mushrooms in some oil and thyme or blend up a batch of hummus- the possibilities are endless and full of vitamins and minerals! You just need to give it a go! Yum!!!


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