Why we cuddle everyday! How To Practice Gratitude And Love Through Ancient Yoga Niyamas

Apart from being an awesome workout for your body and mind, did you know that yoga can help you with the emotional areas of your life? For centuries, yoga has been used as a form of self-observation and improvement, helping us to care for others and ourselves in a better way through the five yoga niyamas:

Shaucha (purification)
Samtosha (contentment)
Tapas (asceticism)
Svadhyaya (self-study)
Ishvara Pranidhana (devotion)

Through these five areas of self-observation, people have learned how to focus on improving themselves before being able to love others fully.


couple pic


Personally, with our hectic 24/7 work commitments and busy lifestyles, these elements of yoga practice have helped us to remain a loving and affectionate couple. In other words, yoga has helped us to LOVE and open our hearts to each other! Of course, being two different people (and male and female!) we each have our own opinions of this and different ways that yoga has influenced this important part of our lives:

Suz: When I practice yoga, it allows me to solely focus on myself and to love who I am inside and out. I believe that if I love myself then I am able to give so much more to other people. I am also surrounded by very loving people and yoga helps me to practice gratitude for this. Yoga has taught me that gratitude is a must in life! After a yoga class I am so grateful for the teacher who has instructed me through my mindful practice. I believe that if I am grateful and appreciative everyday, then I am relieving the suffering or guilt that I sometimes feel.

Mike: Yoga has taught me to become calmer and to slow down, allowing me to see things for the way they are and to live in the present rather then in the past or future. When you live in the moment you are grateful for everything that is around you. Yoga has helped me to trust my feelings, allowing me to share those feelings with someone else.

If you’re looking for love, whether it is to love yourself or to find love in someone else, we encourage you to make ‘love and gratitude’ the intention of your yoga practice, and we hope you will feel the positive changes as we have!

While we have experienced the power of yoga and love in different ways, we both know that our practice has greatly influenced our relationship for the better- and we both agree that a cuddle EVERY DAY is 100% necessary!!! 😉

Mike & Suz ☺