Who Is Jade?



You may have seen her taking some photos in our studios lately, or perhaps at a community event. Either way, if you have met her you will know she is a very friendly and funny individual! We’re talking about Jade, our promotions and events manager here at Peak Physique Hot Yoga! We had a chat with Jade about her passion for yoga, community work and dancing!


What is your role with Peak Physique Hot Yoga?

I have been the promotional and event organizer at Peak Physique Hot Yoga since January of this year. I help the company to arrange community events and special promotions. Please feel free to contact me if you have any event ideasJ. I love event management and yoga a lot, so I am enthusiastic to work for this company!


How long have you practiced yoga?

I have been a Yoga lover since 2014, my initial purpose to practice yoga was really simple, to reduce lower back pain. I fell in love with yoga after the first class. For me, Yoga is a way to find a better me and it helps me to connect my body and soul through meditation.


What are your other hobbies/sports?

Dance is one of my favorite sport activities. I have practiced dancing for 8 years. Dance is the way for me to express what I feel and who I am. I dance for happiness, I dance for fun, and I always feel confident when I am on the dance floor.


What is your favourite yoga pose?

I really love all the challenging balance poses, like Tree Pose, Backbend and Revolved Standing Pose. Basically, I practice these poses every day and feel grateful if I can do better than yesterday.


Which studio do you mainly visit?

Both Seaton and Prospect. The wall painting of the studios are so beautiful, it makes me feel that I am away from this city and in a forest….hahahaha


How often do you like to do yoga?

As I mentioned before, I practice yoga every day, I customarily do some stretches and balance poses before going to bed. I go to yoga studio at least twice or 3 times a week regularly.


What else should we know about you?

I am a fun and easygoing girl, I love making new friends and meeting new people. You are very welcome to talk to me when you see me in the studio or even on the street…. XDDD. I am from Hong Kong, if you would like to know more about this busy and lovely city, I am the right person to talk to!


If you see Jade around the studios, on the mat or at a community event, be sure to say ‘hi!’





Mike & Suz 🙂


Have you got a community event coming up that you would like to get Peak Physique Hot Yoga involved with? Email our admin team at: peakphysiquemanagement@gmail.com