What’s new with our PPHY studios around the country!

Our PPHY family just keeps growing and growing! With the addition of our latest studio in Glen Osmond, SA (and with plans to open even more studios VERY soon!), we thought it would be a good idea to touch base with all of our other studio owners to find out the latest PPHY news around Australia. Here’s what each studio had to say…


Hi everyone! Terrie, here! We’re now well into springtime and with summer in sight, you would think we would be getting some warmer weather in Adelaide by now, right!? At the moment, that is not the case, so the best place to warm up is at the PPHY studios!

With lots of exciting things happening, our Marion studio is a great place to warm up… even for our little yogis…! We are now running Yogi Pair Bear classes for young kids. These classes are designed for children aged 3-5 years, with a parent present.


We also have new Marion studio teachers: Kate and Ryu – check out their profiles on our website! Jo Hentschke will also be taking Family Yoga Classes at the Hove Civic Centre on Thursdays at 4pm-5pm for four weeks on 3, 10, 17 and 24 November as a community event.

One of our new instructors, Kate!

Remember, we have stacks of new towels and mats for your practicing pleasure. With plenty of colours to choose from, you can also feel good knowing that they are all environmentally friendly and bio-degradable.

See you on the mat soon!

— Terrie 🙂




Hi yogis!

Here’s the latest news from the Prospect studio 🙂
We have a new student room, where our students can store their belongings and get ready for class. It’s a great space to get into the zone before class, or perhaps have a quiet chat with your yoga buddies. It is also a comfy spot to collect yourself after class, so that you don’t feel rushed and can escape reality just that little bit longer!

Our newest Prospect instructor, Ryu!
Our newest Prospect instructor, Ryu!

We also have a new instructor, Ryu, who has started to teach regularly at our studio. Ryu started out his PPHY journey with the Seaton studio, where he is now very popular. He is also teaching at a few PPHY studios around Adelaide — including ours! We are very excited to have him on board and we can’t wait to experience the amazing classes he has to offer! You can read his teaching bio here! 

Hope to see you at the Prospect studio soon 🙂
— Adrian




Here at PPHY Glen Osmond…well, everything is shiny and new! 🙂
We have been focusing on really welcoming everyone to our new community. It has already started to form with lots of familiar, smiling faces at the studio. So, thank you to everyone who has made our studio their new place to practice.

Enjoying some sunshine and yoga at the beach <3

In the next couple of months we have an opening event, so stay tuned for information on that. We are also encouraging students to contact us with any ideas for the studio — all suggestions are welcome! We will be doing some fun stuff with Melon and Rye (the gorgeous cafe next door!) as well as with Lululemon and some other amazing companies! We’ve got kids yoga, bilingual classes, pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing also on the cards — so stay tuned!

We are excited about working with a local artist to create a gorgeous image for the back wall of the studio, so that will be a lovely addition to our space.

So far, our new studio has attracted so many positive vibes and lovely people, and we couldn’t be happier. If anyone has any feedback or suggestions, feel free to email me at: peakphysiqueglenosmond@gmail.com. 


— Kirsty




Hey yogis!

We’ve been enjoying the strong sense of community and friendship at our studio in the past few months. Thanks to all of our dedicated students for bringing their happy vibes and positive mindsets to the studio — you make every class fun!

We have been busy behind the scenes creating some PPHY merchandise for the many community events that we are planning for the near future. We think this will be great for promoting our beloved Logan studio — if you see this t-shirt, make sure you come and chat to us for special deals and promotions!



We have also been really active on our social channels, creating videos for our students so that they can get to know us in return. Check them out on our Facebook page!

We are always open to feedback and suggestions, so feel free to drop us an email anytime at: peakphysiquelogan@gmail.com

Cheers everyone!

—Jarryd and Megs


PPHY Seaton

Do you need to RELAX? Then the Seaton studio has just what you need — THE BIG RELAX!

Join us for a FREE meditative community event at the Seaton studio on Saturday 1st October. Come and get to know your fellow students and staff, and indulge in a meditative class guided by our lovely Luciana.



We will be covering Pranayama breathing techniques and moving through a gentle flow with guided meditation. Cups of herbal tea will be provided after class, so stick around and have a chat with us.

This is a FREE class for Seaton students and has a maximum of 20 student spots — so register today!

Hope to see you roll out your mat at the Seaton studio soon!

—The Seaton team



That’s a wrap! There’s always something exciting happening at our many studios and we’re very excited about expanding and adding more studios to the family very soon (hint, hint!). STAY TUNED! If you are interested in becoming part of the team, email us at: peakphysiquefranchise@gmail.com 



Mike, Suz and The PPHY Team

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