How To Wash Your Hot Yoga Clothes!

When you’re practicing hot yoga as much as we do, your washing machine will definitely know a thing or two about sweaty yoga gear and odours! Any hot yoga goer can tell you that the practice increases your flexibility… and your washing load! Sometimes it can be hard to stay on top of it all, let alone get your yoga clothes smelling clean and fresh!

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“Mike is definitely NOT responsible for doing the washing in our household… however, creating the sweaty washing is definitely his area of expertise!!!”


Keeping your cleanliness and odour in check will not only help you to keep your yoga buddies, but will also keep your hygiene levels on point – and it all starts with the washing machine! Here are our best tips for keeping those yoga tights smelling fresh!



It is VERY important that you wash your sweaty hot yoga clothes straight away after you finish a class. Do not leave your washing lying around until the next day, as the bacteria and sweat can get trapped and it becomes hard to remove the smell. Do not sit around in your sweaty clothes after class, either! This can cause bacterial problems with the skin – so strip them off and put them straight in the wash!


Non- slip yoga towels

We wash these at 60 degrees. This hot temperature is needed to kill all the sweat your have worked so hard to drip onto it! (high fives!)


Yoga clothes

The washing of your yoga clothes is going to depend on what you wear and the specific washing instructions.


“I wash my Onzie clothing at 40 degrees so that they get a good wash, while still maintaining their shape.”


Washing powder/liquid

Mix up your washing powder every couple of months. The change in brand and scent will help keep your clothes smelling noticeably fresh! We also prefer liquid washing products as they seem to work into your the clothes a bit better.


Change your mat

Make sure you hang your mat out to air dry after each class. Sweat and smells can often get trapped in here, creating a very smelly environment for your Savasana! Keep fresh by replacing your mat every few months.


White Vinegar

If you’re pedantic about eliminating every trace of odour from your hot yoga clothes, adding half a cup of white vinegar to your cycle can really help to obliterate any clingy smells!


Essential oils

Adding a couple of drops of essential oils to your washing cycle can help to add an uplifting odour to your yoga clothes. Lavender, tea tree and citrus blends are a good choice. Adding a couple of drops to the drawers that you keep your clean yoga clothes is also a handy idea – this way you will always be surrounded by calming, pleasant smells during your yoga class… provided the person next to you is on top of their washing game!


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Good luck!

Mike & Suz 🙂

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