Unlock Creativity Through Your Yoga Practice

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun.’

-A. Einstein 


We often talk about how yoga is hugely beneficial for our health and well being – and that is most certainly true. We also talk about how yoga helps with our mental health, allowing us to relieve stress and focus on our goals – also very true. Did you know that yoga can also help to unlock your creativity? Everyone is creative in one way or another, but the challenge can be finding what form of creativity works for us as individuals. That is where yoga can help!


Image: www.finerminds.com
Image: www.finerminds.com


During yoga practice, we are encouraged to explore our emotions and calm our minds, helping us to ‘clear the clutter’ and refocus on what our hearts truly see as important. Even the physical side of yoga (the asanas) can help us to change the way we see ourselves as well as our perception of the world. These are also some of the main fundamentals of creativity – what a coincidence! Or is it…?




For centuries, yoga has been used to ‘unlock’ areas of a persons consciousness, which can often result in creative expression. By changing the way that we see the world and ourselves, we can start to build a more authentic perspective – something that artists are constantly seeking. Remember, creativity doesn’t always mean painting or drawing, it can be a whole range of things. Anything that is done for the sheer joy of it and allows you to change your perspective is being creative. Think cooking, writing, playing music, reading, sewing, drawing, running, dancing – even yoga asanas are creative in themselves! Whatever your creative outlet is, here is how yoga can help!


Balancing emotions

One of the biggest known causes of ‘creative block’ is experiencing intense emotions. It is hard to have a clear mind when experiencing stress, anxiety, fear or depression! Yoga helps with all of these, allowing our emotions to be more balanced and creativity to flow.



Being more mindful helps to prevent stress, clear the mind and increase wellbeing – all attributes to a creatively fluid mind!



Because yoga encourages us to be in the moment and to clear our minds, it can help us to create a clearer path for inspiration to come to us. Our modern lives are busy ones, so it can be hard to concentrate on something that may not seem like an immediate priority. With clearer minds, creative vision comes more easily.


‘Stretch’ your mind, not just your body!

The more you learn to trust yourself and get out of your comfort zone, the more creative you will be able to be. Yoga offers meditative qualities that allow us to explore our minds and our creative potential.



Different poses allow for different areas of the body to be worked and ‘opened.’ Many believe that yoga helps to expand the chakra system in the body, helping energy to flow more evenly. This is said to lead to more knowledge of self and increased clarity.


They go hand in hand

Being creative is a form of meditation, because it helps the mind to focus intently on one thing for an extended amount of time. This is closely connected to yoga, which has the same practice and effect. So, if you’re being creative AND practicing yoga, you are paving your way to a very healthy mind and a happy, creative life!


Just another reason to love yoga 🙂

Mike, Suz & the PPHY Team