Tree pose: The Benefits, The Alignment And The Mind

Everybody loves Tree Pose, right!? We know for a fact that there are more than a few things your body likes about it! After we have had a strenuous series of standing postures, there is nothing like coming into tree pose and feeling the body naturally calm down, reset and relax. We find it is amazing how quickly the body returns to its normal rhythm in this pose, even after the most intense yoga session! So, what is it about this pose that gets the body into this state? It has a lot to do with this impressive list of benefits…


tree pose



Improves balance (both mentally and physically)

Builds strength in the calves, thighs and glutes

Strengthens ligaments and tendons in the feet

Improves hip, groin and pelvic flexibility

calms the mind

slows the heart rate

helps with self esteem and confidence levels



Our beloved Tree Pose isn’t just for the end of your studio standing series! You can easily incorporate it into your home yoga practice or even your daily schedule! It is easy to come into and a great way to take time out of your busy life- even just for a few breaths!


Here’s how it’s done:


Start by standing in Mountain Pose, but with your arms relaxed and at your sides. Ground yourself evenly through both feet.

Bring your weight into your left foot and bend your right knee. Use your right hand to assist with placing the foot on either the ground next to your standing foot, your left calve, your left upper thigh or your left upper hip. Never place the foot on the knee.

Once you have your foot placement, aim to draw your right knee out to the right and even up through the hips, placing your pelvic area so that it stacks over your left standing leg.

If your foot is not slipping, bring your hands up to your hearts centre and align through the shoulders so that they are stacked on top of the hips.

Focus on keeping the back straight by pushing the hips and pelvis slightly forward.

Find your point of balance and focus, then concentrate on calming the mind. Hold for 5 deep breaths.

Release the right leg gently and repeat the same process with the same option on the other side.


Enjoy your Tree Pose!


Mike & Suz 🙂

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