The power of intention



Hey guys! Today’s blog post is all about intentions- and their POWER! An intention can be a goal, an objective, an affirmation or just a positive chain of thought!



“The affirmation above is one I use regularly. I say this to myself on a daily basis- sometimes during yoga practice and sometimes during my day-to-day activities. It is important to think positive thoughts like these so that we train the mind to deflect any negativity that can sometimes creep in!”

The mind is your most powerful tool when aiming to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. It has control over your mood, your outlook on life and your focus! In fact, it even has control over physical aspects such as digestion and injury-recovery- even if we don’t realise it. Often, our minds can be clouded with negative thoughts and emotions, and if given power, these can take over our reality! We want you to know that you have power over this and by keeping your mind positive and clear, you can CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY!


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“When I am setting an intention for my day or for my yoga practice, I like to focus on gratitude towards the things in my life that make me happy and this helps me to focus on what I truly love in my own heart. I believe this is a huge part of my drive, focus and determination, as well as my general happiness levels!”


We both use intentions and affirmations to learn how to be happy everyday (it does take effort!), to teach others the special benefits of yoga, to keep a sense of freedom in our lifestyles, to do something we love everyday while also earning an income from this- everything! Everything we do originally comes from a positive intention. This helps us to focus, challenge ourselves and eventually achieve our goals. Use your intention to practice mindfulness and focus- your mind and body will love you for it (we promise!)


Stay positive!



Mike & Suz 🙂

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