The 6 Week Hot Yoga Challenge: Natasha’s Results So Far!

One of our Seaton studio students, Natasha, was given the school assignment to head out into the community and find a company that strives on seeing client results. She found what she was looking for in her local Peak Physique Hot Yoga studio and so she contacted us with her project idea! We were more than happy and very excited to help!

We provided Natasha with a 6 week hot yoga plan, complete with recommendations on how many classes to attend each week and which classes she would get the best results from, based on her age and body type. Her goals were to:


-improve muscle tone

-increase strength

-increase flexibility

-improve mental endurance

-improve physical stamina


We knew that Hot Yoga could help with all of this, especially because we have seen personal improvements in these areas from our own hot yoga practice! Natasha is now well into her 6-week challenge, but we wanted to catch up with her to see how it was all going! This is what she had to say after just two weeks of doing the challenge!


Natasha’s ‘before’ progress pic

How were you feeling before you started the challenge?

I was nervous to attend the first class – not only because I didn’t know any other students, but mainly because I didn’t know the teachers! The 6:00am start wasn’t enticing to begin with, either! However, I can’t describe the feeling I had after the first class! Walking home that morning, I felt so alive- and I know people say that all the time… but I really did! I could feel myself consciously breathing and it felt so good. After dripping with sweat for an hour, stepping outside was incredible! The whole walk home, and well into my day, I felt great! I was starting to pay attention to the little things that usually pass us by when we get caught up in day-to-day life. I felt connected with myself for the first time ever. And that was just after the first class! From then onwards, I didn’t care about the early start. I actually started to choose the early class just to start my day on a good note!


What did you first notice about your practice with Peak Physique Hot Yoga?

 One thing about Peak Physique Hot Yoga that I instantly loved was the fact that there is no pressure –from staff or from other students. When I am in a yoga class, I am there purely for myself. It is a place where I go that is all about me, without fear of embarrassment or judgment. It is a place for me to be alone with my own thoughts, to seek clarity in my own way and in my own time.


What is one of the major differences you feel since being on the challenge?

Before starting Hot Yoga, I felt alone with my thoughts and without direction. Now, I just put on my yoga gear, reach for my mat- and I feel a million miles away from my problems!

As the days are turning into weeks (I am entering my third week), I genuinely look forward to my classes. I love sweating. I crave the feeling of accomplishment when it is over. The idea of an hour of hot yoga has such a profound effect on my mood and energy levels, and I believe it’s what makes me go back for more.



Have you noticed any change in your appetite/eating patterns?

Before I started yoga, I was a major foodie. I ate all the time! Not because I was hungry, but because I was bored. Or I’d insist on ‘treating’ myself when it really wasn’t necessary. That’s one instant change that I’ve noticed – I only eat when I’m hungry now. I honestly don’t feel like eating junk food or more than I need to! Especially over the Christmas period, my family and friends noticed that I wasn’t eating as much as I have in the past. I now only eat at mealtime and have small snacks (e.g. bananas), and even then, I only eat until I am full.


What other sports do you do?

Growing up, I played Netball and Basketball. But as I’ve grown up, I’ve lost interest in team sports. Not because I’m not a team player, but more because I prefer to do activities that focus purely on myself, so that I can go at my own pace.


Has your flexibility improved?

From comparing my progress between week one and two, I can’t see any physical changes in my flexibility just yet. My backbend is the same as it was a week ago. However, I have had problems my hips for about three years now, and it is sometimes difficult to walk when they are tense, and this can last for long periods of time. But since starting yoga, I actually haven’t noticed my hips aching during the day or at night! The only time I might feel a pinch is right after a yoga class, when my body is cooling down, but after that, I have no pain at all. I can now walk my dog at the beach on the sand without my hips aching… for the first time since primary school!



Wow! Fantastic results from Natasha on her 6-week challenge! If this is how she is feeling after just two weeks, we can’t wait to see her progress after six! Proof that Hot Yoga really can help to improve your life in so many different areas- just as it has for Natasha and for us!


Keep up the inspiring work, Natasha!


Mike & Suz 🙂

Are you interested in Suz & Mike from Peak Physique Hot Yoga coming up with a plan for you?? To find out how, email them direct at: 21DAYDETOXCHALLENGE@GMAIL.COM