Seaton Student Of The Month: Cassandra!


“I just couldn’t go with out my yoga!”


If you’re a Seaton studio student, you’re sure to have seen this smiling face around the place! She’s a regular at our studio and seems to be friends with EVERYBODY! So, we wanted to take this chance to congratulate Cassandra and award her with the title of ‘Seaton student of the month!’

Cassandra first started yoga when she was about 21 years old and practiced off and on for a while. She started practicing at PPHY about a year and a half ago and has been solidly practicing ever since! Cassandra comes into the studio about 4-5 times a week and is a great example of hot yoga dedication! “There was a period of time last year where I did 18 days straight,” she says. Wow!

Our student of the month says she started with PPHY because she really liked the idea of HOT yoga. “I was interested in the concept of detoxing via sweating,” she explains, “I also wanted to strengthen my core, build body strength and gain flexibility.”


“There was a period of time last year where I did 18 days straight”


Clearer and softer skin, a better posture, more toned and elongated muscles, improved balance, a clearer mind and a lean physique are all the benefits that Cassandra enjoys from such a consistent practice. “I love it,” she says, “I leave every class knowing that I have detoxed, cleared my mind and challenged myself!”

It is common for our students to report that yoga has improved their every day lives, and Cassandra feels that this has happened for her. She says that practicing yoga helps her to maintain a flowing, happy life. “It keeps my mind clear and I am able to handle stresses with more ease, as it puts my mind and body in a great state of wellbeing,” she says.




“I leave every class knowing that I have detoxed, cleared my mind and challenged myself!”


Power Eagle pose and Tree pose are Cassandra’s postures of choice, and she should know — she’s done a LOT of them in the past year and a half! “I particularly like Tree pose, as it means I have finished the standing series. My heart rate comes down while I focus on what has been accomplished so far in the class. Being a regular- I am always happy for my teachers to push me to achieve better postures/poses,” she says.

While the Seaton studio has been her place to practice for some time now, Cassandra says some recent changes have made her enjoy her classes even more. “I am really enjoying the new heaters,” she says, “they help to achieve a good sweat session!” Cassandra also likes seeing the friendly faces at the studio, and we can vouch that they like seeing hers as well!

Apart from walks along the beach or the lake, Cassandra says Hot Yoga is her main form of exercise. “At the moment Hot Yoga gives me every thing I need — I aim to go 4-5 times per week, so this doesn’t leave me a lot of time to do much else in my schedule,” she explains. “Eventually I would like to incorporate kick-boxing back into my schedule once a week, because I think that would work well along side my yoga practice.”

Cassandra is also an avid traveller and aims to see as much of the world as possible. “I think it’s good for the soul to travel,” she says, “I went to Hawaii with a good friend last year to celebrate my birthday (which are where the pics in this blog were taken!) The first day we were we there I noticed the activity program had 6am Yoga on the main lawn! So, the following morning I dragged myself (and my friend, Bianca!) out of bed to attend the class. So, the first day on holidays we had a 5:30am wake up call. I just couldn’t go with out my yoga!” Now, THAT is dedication!


After an intense yoga session, Cassandra says her favourite thing to refuel with is a strawberry smoothie and a few homemade raw bliss balls (YUM!). “If it follows a night time class, I will have an organic Vege Burger,” she says (again… YUM!). Cassandra has a few busy months coming up in her professional life, so she is hoping to make at least 4 classes a week to clear her mind and relax. “Another goal is to achieve better splits,” she says. We’re sure you will get there soon, Cassandra — thanks to all your hard work and dedication!

Well done to our superstar student of the month for the Seaton studio! Cassandra, thank you for bringing your big smile and happy personality to the studio — you are a much-loved student amongst the Seaton students and staff! Well done on your consistency and general love of yoga.



The Seaton PPHY Team

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