Peak Physique Hot Yoga Seaton


Welcome To Peak Physique Hot Yoga Seaton

Peak Physique Hot Yoga is a welcoming and inclusive practice, offering a wide range of Hot Yoga classes.

At Peak Physique Hot Yoga Seaton, we encourage you to try out the Hot Yoga lifestyle and discover its amazing health benefits. We teach many styles of Hot Yoga, including Hot Blend, Hot Physique, Hot Power and Warm Physique. Everyone is welcome to join our classes, whether you just start your Hot Yoga journey or are at an advance level. All classes are beginner friendly.

Our Hot Yoga instructors are very supportive and will always make sure to help clients achieve their intended goals – looking younger, being fitter, losing weight, recovering from an injury or improving their general well-being. Our instructors are certified with Peak Physique Hot Yoga’s training programs, giving you quality and making sure you are being looked after.


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