Seaton Student Of The Month x2: Gary & Jock!

At the Seaton studio, we have so many dedicated students that are a part of our PPHY community. All the teachers agree that it is always nice to see those regular faces (as well as newbies!) and to notice progress in students. This month, we found it impossible to choose just one student of the month… so instead, we chose two!




Meet Gary and Jock, two of our Seaton regulars who are also two great examples of what a consistent yoga practice can do, and the benefits that men can find in the practice. This is what they had to say about their experiences at the studio:





 “…I’ve been doing yoga at PPHY for about 8 months. I try to do 3 or 4 classes a week. I needed to lose weight and get some flexibility into my body, especially my back.  I find yoga to be a challenge – some classes more than others – and that’s why some days I come home energised and others I come home fatigued. I have a love/hate relationship with DOWNWARD DOGS! Probably more hate, though! I’ve found Yoga has given me a fitness level I haven’t had for years – I wish I’d started decades ago. I definitely think that more men can benefit from doing Hot Yoga…”



“…I have been doing yoga at PPHY for about 2 years. Yoga has improved all aspects of my health – everything is OK when you walk out of a class! This year I am taking a break from work so I try to get there most days. I miss it if I can’t get there for a few days! My favourite yoga pose would have to be Tree Pose!…”

Congrats on being our students of the month, guys!

Keep up the inspiring work!


From the PPHY Team!