Sally’s Hot Yoga Practice: Focused, energised and goal-oriented!

One of our most consistent Logan studio students, Sally, uses Hot Yoga to compliment her gym workouts, and feels that it helps her to stay focused and to set goals. She originally started Hot Yoga to prepare for an endurance trekking challenge, but has since kept it a part of her weekly fitness regime! Have a read of what Sally has to say about the Logan studio and her yoga practice!


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How long have you been practicing yoga?

I have been practicing on and off for 3 years.


How long have you been practicing with Peak Physique Hot Yoga?

I have been with Peak Physique for 6 months now. I saw the sign pop up outside the Logan studio when I was driving home one day and joined as soon as they opened!


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Is Hot Yoga the only form of yoga you practice?

Hot Yoga is part of my fitness routine as I love the challenge but when I go away on holidays I seek out a local Yoga class for something a little more relaxing.


Do you do any sports/other forms of exercise? If so, how does yoga help with this?

My weekly routine consists of a mix of gym classes and Hot Yoga. I love having the choice to do either and I find that Yoga really helps me stretch out if I have had a big week. I originally started hot yoga to help me train for an endurance trekking challenge I had signed up for with a group of friends and we were thinking of different ways to mentally train and we came up with Hot Yoga. In every class I am reminded that your body can do whatever your mind decides it can- I try to remind myself of this outside of the hot room in my everyday life.


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How have you felt since practicing with Peak Physique Hot Yoga? 

The first few classes are always hard but after getting back into my practice I notice how much more energy I have and how much happier I am. It gives me the opportunity to reflect and set goals for myself giving me a better balance.


What results have you had from your yoga practice?

My overall fitness has improved and I have a lot more energy than before I started practicing. One of the main reasons I keep going back is the toning and weight loss I see from consistent practice- it always helps me stay focused.


What do you love most about your local studio?

The atmosphere- I have been to studios in the past where it was so serious and I never really felt comfortable where at the Logan studio all the instructors bring personality and fun to the class.


How do you feel after a Peak Physique Hot Yoga class?

Always like I have worked hard but fresh, energised and clear-headed.




Such an inspiring student! Thank you Sally for providing feedback about our newest studio in Logan and all the benefits you have found there (and for providing the cute puppy pic!). Keep up the fabulous work!


Mike & Suz 🙂


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