Refreshment, anyone? The Rumba Cleanse Juice!

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If there is one thing we love (besides yoga!) over here at M&S headquarters- it’s Rumba! We really love this form of exercise- movin’ and groovin’- what’s not to love about it!? This is one of the ways we have fun while staying active- which we believe is one of the keys to an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle! After all that dancing, fresh homemade juices are the perfect way to top up our energy levels and rehydrate! We always make sure we are adding in lots of vegetables (think green, green, GREEN!) and minimal fruit to keep down the sugar levels! Need an example? Our Rumba Cleanse juice has all the alkalizing, detoxifying and purifying ingredients you need! (It also happens to be one our favourites for taste!) Give it a go!

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The Rumba Cleanse Juice



Handful spinach/kale/baby spinach

Half peeled cucumber, half celery stick

Half lemon / small handful parsley

Tablespoon of linseeds/flaxseeds/chia seeds

¾ filled cup water



Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend until smooth!


green smoothie 1


Mike & Suz 🙂

This recipe is just a tiny sneak peek of our 21-Day Detox Guide- coming soon! If you liked this recipe, you are going to LOVE the detox! Stay tuned!