What does a PT have to say about Hot Yoga?

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This week, we had a chat with Adelaide fitness instructor and founder of GEDfit fitness studio, Lisa Geddes. Lisa is a fully qualified PT who loves to work out in all different ways. She runs individual and group fitness sessions and believes that working out should be fun and something you enjoy. We wanted to talk with Lisa to find out her view on Hot Yoga, and why it is such a beneficial workout.

“Basically I believe do what makes you happy, if you like yoga do yoga, if you like running do running but balance between all types of fitness and training is so important for longevity and staying healthy and happy whilst being injury free!”


What do you like most about hot yoga?

I really enjoy hot yoga because it is a great balance to my other training, which is generally high intensity and high impact. I like the hot room as it allows for deeper stretching and I love how I literally feel taller and more mobile after every class. I like being able to switch off from everything happening outside and just focus on breathing and being present in the moment. It sounds pretty corny but it’s nice to be able to just be happy and grounded with where you are right now and take some time to relax and be grateful. This certainly didn’t come naturally. I first thought it was pretty cringe! But the more I practiced the more I realised that positive thoughts can literally change your mindset towards so many things in your life. So although I can only just nail a downward dog, mentally I feel so great from yoga! You just have to be totally open minded about the experience and it’s ok if it’s not for you.

In your opinion, why is hot yoga a good workout?

Hot yoga is a good workout – however i don’t use it for a workout. I prefer more restorative yoga – so more deep stretches, hip openers, slower movements, and a time to elongate and give nourishment back into the muscles. I do think there is a place for it as a workout with the he added benefits of increasing flexibility and improving posture which are often neglected. I like the way the whole body is challenged which can benefit the mind as well as the body. In saying that, the best thing is the connection people get with their muscles and their bodies on an internal level. They become aware of activating and engaging muscles and this is done without any additional load — which is an amazing way to create tone and shape using different movements and alignments.


“As a personal trainer I would recommend

most people to hot yoga.”



What is your favourite benefit of hot yoga?

The journey it takes you on, from focusing on something simple like your breath at the start of the class, to some challenging postures and sequences for the body and the mind, and then to savasana where your body feels absolutely amazing (even a few cms taller) and your mind has had a chance to slow down to be absolutely present in the moment.


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What sort of client would you most likely recommend hot yoga to?

As a personal trainer I would recommend most people to hot yoga. I think there is a huge importance on balancing all types of training. They can all compliment each other and can decrease chances of injury, aches and pains as nothing is neglected.

As a PT, how important do you believe it is to stretch?

The most important part, and often the most boring part. I get told “I’ll stretch when I get home” about 5 times a week. We often are willing to work hard, get the heart rate up but not give the body the cool down and loving it really needs for LONGEVITY. I am absolutely guilty of this and have seen injuries come and go when I have neglected it in training. Stretching is what keeps good range of movement, therefore stretching along with foam rolling, mobility exercises, massage and good nutrition it can decrease DOMs and injuries.


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“I think yoga and mediation can particularly important for self love and to appreciate where you are at that time.”


Do you find that yoga/meditation is good for setting fitness goals?

I think yoga and meditation are important in terms of fitness goals however is really depends on the individual. It can be used to help ground certain clients and athletes, because when fitness goals are set we can become our own worse enemies and put additional load and expectations on ourselves, so I think yoga and mediation can particularly important for self love and to appreciate where you are at that time.

What other exercises do you think would be good to team with a hot yoga routine?

As mentioned above I think there is an importance for balance with all training. I think hot yoga is great but it still should be teamed up with some cardiovascular and strength training. This is particularly important as you will increase strength and flexibility, explosiveness and endurance, body composition and also provides a metabolism boost.


Thanks Lisa for giving us some information about hot yoga from a fitness industry professional perspective!

Thanks for the chat 🙂

The PPHY Team