Protein: What It Is & Where You Can Get It!


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Protein. We’ve all heard of it and we all consume it, but what does it actually do for the body? The best way to explain it is to start viewing protein as a ‘repair tool’ for the tissues in your body. This is because many parts of our bodies are made of protein (think hair and nails…mostly made up of protein!) and by consuming protein, we help our bodies to replenish cells and tissues- especially in our muscles. Protein is like the building block for our muscles, bones, skin and blood- so it is important that we get plenty of good quality protein in our diets!


Suz: My favourite protein is any type of white fish as well as quinoa (yep, that’s high in protein! A great option for vegetarians!)


Mike: My favourite protein is Red Emperor fish- just to get really specific! It is so high in protein as well as omega 3…and it is delish!


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If you want to start adding more protein to your diet, here is a list of ways you can do it! It’s time to eat:




-leafy greens

-beans and legumes
















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Remember to eat organic and GMO free as much as possible and avoid processed and high-sugar foods!


Mike & Suz 🙂


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