Peak Physique Hot Yoga Prospect

In line with updated SA Government health guidelines, Peak Physique Hot Yoga Noarlunga is reducing class sizes to reflect the density requirement of 1 person per 7 square metres. To avoid missing your favourite class while our capacity is reduced, please book in to your class prior to attending. 

If you cannot attend, please remember to cancel in advance to avoid late cancellation fees, and allow others to book into the class. From 1st January 2021, the following cancellations fees apply:

  • Cancel within 8hr and 1hr before class – $5 fee
  • Cancel within 1hr before class – $10 fee
  • Fail to attend booked class $10 fee and all pre booked classes cancelled. 

All other COVID safety protocols remain in place including staying home if you’re unwell, QR code checkin before every class, wearing masks while indoors before and after your class, and sanitising your hands and mat after class.


Welcome To Peak Physique Hot Yoga Prospect

Peak Physique Hot Yoga Prospect offers you a unique experience in the process towards health and general wellbeing. Our highly qualified instructors are certified to train at all levels from beginner through to experienced.

We happily invite everyone from all walks of life to develop through our signature method of hot yoga. The use of infrared radiant heaters installed in our studio has been shown to improve results in weight loss, detoxing, flexibility and much more.

Through our commitment to mindfulness training you will find these results rounded out with a general sense of wellbeing.

Our studio is situated in a building complex on Prospect Rd, opposite to the end of John’s Rd


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