Prepare for your wedding day… with HOT YOGA!

Hot yoga can help to keep stress levels down and fitness levels up when preparing for the big day!


Lots of our students use hot yoga to achieve their goals, whether it be emotional, spiritual, physical or something to do with their general lifestyles. Hot yoga is great for all of these areas , because it is a workout for your mind, body and soul. With wedding season coming up, we thought we would do a little post about some of our yogi brides!


Some of the benefits of hot yoga include:

  • Clear skin
  • Focused and clear mind
  • Weight-loss
  • Increased muscle
  • Mood control
  • Flexibility
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Increased libido
  • Improved circulation


These are just a few benefits, and already you can see why all of these would work in a bride-to-be’s favour! Preparing for your wedding day can be stressful — there is so much planning to do! Plus, it is the day where you want to feel beautiful, fit, fresh and fabulous. Hot yoga can help to keep stress levels down and fitness levels up when preparing for the big day.


One of our Seaton students, Jess, has been consistently practicing yoga — especially since getting engaged in November last year! “I come to yoga because it is great for my skin and it tones my body. I also find it very calming and it helps with general soreness.”

Another student, Maggie, said that she hardly exercised at all before getting engaged in 2013, but wanted to feel healthy and fit for her wedding. “I already practiced yoga but only once a week,” she says, “I enjoyed it and thought I would get great physical and wellbeing benefits if I increased my classes leading up to the wedding. I just wanted to feel healthy as well as be fit and toned.”

Maggie looking beautiful on her wedding day!
Maggie looking beautiful on her wedding day!


Maggie says practicing yoga as much as she did leading up to her wedding day definitely had its benefits. “My body changed,” she explains, “I became toned and more flexible. I felt healthier and I found it a great way to block out any other stresses in my life and just have that time to myself.”


Planning a wedding on top of managing the usual life activities can be a challenge, and Maggie says she used yoga to cope with this. “Yoga gave me time to myself — time to focus on me and that moment rather than everything else. I also met some great people while practicing.”


Well done, ladies — we love hearing about the success and benefits that hot yoga can bring. So if you are planning on walking down the aisle anytime soon, we highly recommend rolling out your yoga mat first 😉