Poses For Office Yogis: For People Who Work At A Desk All Day…


Hey everyone! Suz here!

I just wanted to post a little something about yoga poses and stretches for people that work in an office. While I don’t personally work in a set office, I do work all around the world from my trusty laptop. This is great…but it does give me some neck and shoulder pain. Luckily, I am a yoga enthusiast and I have a few tips and tricks for keeping myself pain and injury free while working! These are what help me most:


Sitting in a chair, fold forward to touch the toes, placing the head to be in between the knees. Feel a stretch through back of the neck and spine. Hold for 5 breaths. See below 🙂






Stand next to a desk with the back towards it. Place hands on the desk edge with the fingers pointing forwards. Grip the desk and stretch shoulders and neck back, pushing the hips forward. See below 🙂






These poses and stretches really help me while I am working hard, and I hope they help you too! Nobody has time for ‘desk pain,’ especially you have a to-do list as long as mine! Remember that a consistent yoga practice is also a great way to loosen up the shoulders, neck and spine- so make time for the mat!


Suz 🙂


What else is good for your shoulders and neck? A full yoga session, of course! Head to our locations page to find out when the next class is on at your local PPHY studio!