Pose Of The Week: PLANK

You may remember the ‘plank craze’ that occurred a few years ago. People were planking on everything – from shopping mall escalators to high-rise buildings – and then posting pictures on social media. It was a silly little craze and not something that we would encourage, but we’re thinking that there must have been some toned tummies and strong cores around that time! This is because PLANK POSE (the normal kind, high-rise buildings not necessary) is a full body workout that engages every muscle group. The beauty of this pose is that it offers a complete workout in a very short amount of time, and it is a great way to improve strength as well as focus. Only got a minute to spare for your workout today? Let us introduce to you the pose of the week…





Full-body workout

Improves core strength

Improves posture

Builds focus and determination

Strengthens joints (wrists, ankles, elbows)

Increased flexibility in the legs

Improved balance

Increased metabolism

Improved mental state


Common Mistakes

Hips too high

Spine not in a straight line

Moving to advanced version of pose before mastering earlier stages

Not engaging the core


Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.59.45 am



Start in forward facing savasana, laying flat facing the ground.

Bring the palms beneath the shoulders, fingers facing forward.

Inhale and press the palms into the floor, lifting the chest and upper torso up until the arms are straight.

Exhale and curl the toes under the shins, pushing the hips and thighs away from the ground until the spine forms a straight line from shoulders to ankles.

Option: Keep the knees to the floor, still engaging the core and keeping the spine straight.

Look directly down towards the mat, keeping the neck inline with the spine and push the heels back.

Engage through the core and stay strong through all areas of the body.

Breathe normally and hold for 30 seconds.

If they are not there already, release the knees to the floor with an exhale and move into child’s pose.

Increase the time of your plank hold by 10 seconds each time you practice this posture, aiming to eventually hold for two minutes.


Time to get your plank on, but just on your yoga mat is fine! Or… Imagine practicing your plank pose within the tropical surrounds of Bali! Come with us on our 2016 Bali teacher training program – applications are now open! Enquire at: peakphysiquett@gmail.com. We can’t think of any place better to do a plank pose, or to become a yoga instructor! Bali, Bali, BALI!


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Mike & Suz