Pose Of The Week: Chair Pose

Hands up, who wants toned legs? Everybody, right? Chair pose, although it sounds lazy, is anything but — and it is one of the best leg-toning poses going around! It also stimulates the abdominal organs and strengthens the core. If you’re familiar with our Hot 26 sequence, you will know that chair pose is where the heart rate lifts quite dramatically, providing a spike in your workout! Ps: Once again, our pose photos were invaded by Heidi, but as you will see, she is also working on her chair pose…


“Hey! What are you doing? Can I help!?”



Strengthens and tones the leg muscles

Builds the glute muscles

Strengths the hip, ankle and knee joins

Works the core

Stimulates the abdominal organs and digestive system

Improves heart function

Increases lung capacity


“That’s cool.. but can I have a pat now? I want some attention, please!”


Common mistakes

Incorrect feet placement

Curving through the spine

Lifting the heels from the ground


“Fine… I will just sit here until you are ready to pat me…”



Standing up straight, engage the core and place the feet shoulder-width apart.


Stretch the arms forward, hands either level with the shoulder or reaching upwards.


Squat down as low as possible without lifting the heels from the mat.


Keep the back straight. The torso may tilt a forward slightly, as long as the back is straight, but aim to remain as upright as possible with the upper body. Tuck the pelvis in.


Hold the pose for 5 slow breaths, working up to longer hold times each practice.


To release, straighten the legs slowly and with control, engaging through the core. Release the arms.


“…or maybe I will just join in on the fun. I still want a pat, though…”