Pose Of The Week: Balancing Stick

If you’re looking to improve your posture, balance and mental strength, then balancing stick pose is what you need in your practice! This pose incorporates your physical and emotional strength while also doing wonders for the spine. Bad posture? Balancing stick. Neck or shoulder pain? Balancing stick. Stressed? Balancing stick. Laundry piling up? Balancing stick. Ok… maybe not that last part, but what we’re trying to say is, this pose is awesome (even without the puppy.)





Improves balance

Builds muscle in the legs, glutes, core, back and arms

Full body workout

Creates a sense of motivation and focus

Decreases stress and anxiety

Stretches the hamstrings

Improves posture

Relives neck, back and shoulder pain

Increases circulation



“When practising balancing stick pose, make a ‘T’ shape with your body. Keep the standing leg straight and keep the arms, body and lifted leg all in one straight line. This will support your spine and keep you working!”


Common mistakes

Arms bent or not engaged

Spine curved, rather than straight

Standing leg not strong and straight

Core not engaged



“Balancing stick is my favourite core workout pose. It adds a cardio element to your practice and tones the whole body — especially the butt!”




Stand with the feet together on the mat, arms above the head with the fingers interlaced in pistol grip.




On an inhale, engage through the core and lengthen the body and spine.

On an exhale, step forward with the right foot and with one motion kick up the left foot to point behind, torso tipping from the hips. Keep the right left strong and straight.




Keep the arms engaged and bring the torso to a tabletop position. Engaging through the left glute, bring the left leg up to be in one straight horizontal line with the arms and torso. Create a ‘T’ shape with your body. Keep the hips and shoulders square and the gaze straight down to the mat.




Control the breath and engage through the core. Hold for 10 seconds.

To release, lower the left leg back to its starting position with control, and step the right foot back to meet it. Lengthen through the body and reach up with the hands on a deep inhale before repeating on the opposite side.


Enjoy your balancing sticks, yogis! Stay tuned for next week’s pose… we’re thinking some forward folds!


Mike, Suz

& The PPHY Team 🙂