Pose Of The Week: Cat Cow Breaths

Welcome to our new blog post segment: yoga pose of the week!


We have decided to focus on each pose from the Hot26 sequence… which will not only keep us busy for the next 26 weeks, but will also give you a more in-depth look at each pose!

To start off, we have Cat Cow breaths – great for creating movement and flexibility in the spine as well as connecting the breath, mind and body!


Cat Cow Breaths


Common mistakes:

Opposite back movements to the breath



-Increases flexibility and movement in the spine

-Prepares spine for yoga sequence

-Connects the mind with the breath

-Helps with digestion

-Works the core

-Increases lung capacity



“Although Cat Cow breaths are a fantastic breathing technique, I like them because they really help me to warm up my spine!”



This posture involves two main movements, one on the inhale, one on the exhale. The most important part is to move with the breath, slowly.

Start on all fours, knees hip-width apart and stacked underneath the hips. Hands shoulder-width apart and stacked underneath the shoulders. Spine flat, face looking directly down to the mat.

Begin with an initial exhale to release any remaining air from the lungs, then move through the following breath and body movements on the inhale.


belly drops and expands, face looking upwards, tailbone turned upwards, shoulders back, stretch through the throat and fill the lungs





curve/hunch spine, face looking towards the thighs/knees, release through the head and neck, tailbone tucked in, release all air from lungs




Repeat 5-8 times, or until you feel that your spine has gained flexibility and movement.


Mike & Suz 🙂


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