Peak Physique Hot Yoga Penrith


Welcome To Peak Physique Hot Yoga Penrith

Peak Physique Hot Yoga Penrith welcomes all members of the community to come and enjoy fitness-based yoga.

Our aim is to provide a friendly and safe environment to anyone looking to improve their fitness, state of mind and overall wellbeing.

We intend to inspire others to live a lifestyle of yoga by simply sharing our passion and educating the community on the many amazing health benefits of yoga.

Our signature yoga sequences are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners. We offer a range of warm and hot classes giving you a fitness-based yoga experience.

We are results driven, whether you are looking to lose weight, detox, tone your body, increase flexibility, reduce stress and anxiety, or enhance your general wellbeing, our classes have got you covered.

Our teachers provide support and motivation to all individual needs with gentle and clear instruction to achieve a mind body connection and be present in the moment during every class.

Our brand promise and philosophy is to ensure that you leave feeling revitalised mentally and physically after every visit. We want you to relax, let your hair down, take time away from home and work, and feel the abundance of positivity within our studio’s sanctuary.


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