Peak Physique Hot Yoga: The new hot yoga franchise that is spreading around Australia!

With yoga (and hot yoga in particular) becoming such a popular health trend, people all over Australia are rolling out their mats to sweat and see results- fast! Weight-loss, increased muscle mass, toning, clear skin, clear mind- the list of hot yoga benefits seems endless- but at what cost? Hot yoga classes are infamous for being an expensive workout, which often deters students from attending classes- until now. Meet Peak Physique Hot Yoga – the affordable hot yoga franchise that is spreading around Australia! The best part? They can turn you into a hot yoga instructor, too!

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As a company, Peak Physique Hot Yoga takes pride in encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle and increase the presence of hot yoga in their day to day lives. When promoting the proven hot yoga benefits such as improved health and fitness, it is no wonder people are lining up to become hot yoga instructors, and even own their own hot yoga studio!

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Business directors of the business and husband-and-wife-team, Mike and Suzanna Calava say that hot yoga has brought so many benefits to their lives- and now they wish to share this with Australia and the rest of the world. ‘We love seeing people getting results from their practice,’ says Mike, ‘It is the reason so many people are interested in becoming teachers, owning their own studio and changing their lifestyles entirely.’

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With Mike’s background in health and Suzanna’s background in commerce, the two have formed a solid base for the company to grow from- and it just keeps on growing! The latest studio opening in Brisbane has found Mike and Suzanna travelling a lot- but not just for running the business. They are both passionate yogis and have travelled the world learning different styles of yoga and building on their own practice and knowledge. Mike and Suzanna credit Hot Yoga for their exciting lifestyle, and say that other people can do the same. ‘Becoming a hot yoga teacher or owning your own hot yoga studio is life changing,’ says Suzanna, ‘You become your own boss, your life is focused on health and you get the work flexibility that you just wouldn’t get from most other careers.’

Becoming a hot yoga instructor has so many benefits and can mean different things for different people. For some people, it means increasing their knowledge about yoga and their own practice, while also helping others to achieve their yoga and fitness goals. For others, it can be a lifestyle change- an escape from that nine to five daily grind. Some people choose to become yoga teachers so that they can have flexible hours and become their own boss in a fitness-based profession. Whatever change it is that you’re looking for- Suzanna and Mike believe that becoming a Hot Yoga teacher could be your answer!

The Peak Physique Hot Yoga teacher training is a one-month intensive course (with accelerated courses available for people looking to buy a Peak Physique Hot Yoga franchise studio).
Throughout this one-month period, students are shown how to break down, teach and deliver the Peak Physique Hot Yoga Hot26 sequence. While this is the main part of the teaching, the program also covers yoga philosophy, yoga history, nutrition, spirituality, life coaching and posture correction.

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On completion of this one-month course, the new teacher receives international accreditation, the ability to obtain Yoga Insurance, and the ability to teach Hot Yoga. The Peak Physique Hot Yoga Hot 26 Teacher Training- 200 Hour certificate is also awarded, with a RYS (Registered Yoga School) qualification with Yoga Alliance Australia. After this training, new teachers may also participate in the Peak Physique Hot Yoga continuing education workshops including Hot Blend, Hot Vinyasa, Partner Posture & Inversions Training. New teachers are then able to apply to become a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Australia.

This course is designed to be completed within one month, but with flexible hours to allow for other life commitments. With full support from Peak Physique Hot Yoga master trainers as well as Suzanna and Mike themselves, this course is designed to give you the abilities, skills and confidence to become a Hot Yoga instructor in just one month! ‘It will change your life’ says Suzanna, ‘We’re just here to help you take the first step!’

So, what can you do in one month? Change your lifestyle? Start doing something you love? Take on a new challenge and complete it? The Peak Physique Hot Yoga teacher training allows you to do all this and more- so what are you waiting for?

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Our next Teacher Training dates are
15th November 2015 – Adelaide
20th February 2016 – Brisbane
1st April 2016 – Adelaide
Please email to or call 0457695123

For more information, head to the Peak Physique Hot Yoga website:


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