Outdoor Workouts: Get Your Daily Dose Of Fresh Air & Sunshine!

mike and suz outside

Living a yogic lifestyle isn’t all about the asanas in our yoga practice. It is also about finding balance, calming the mind and aiming for happiness each day. For us, this means having quality time together, keeping active and focusing on our health. Outdoor workouts are a fun way to combine all of these elements, as well as connect with nature and get our daily dose of fresh air and sunshine! There are so many different ways to get active outside, and when travelling as much as us it is also a good way to get out and see things from a tourist point of view!

Suz: The most beautiful outdoor workout I have ever experienced was on Kona Island, where Mike took a fantastic yoga class about 5 years ago! It was such an amazing feeling doing yoga in those beautiful surroundings. We also like to be adventurous with our outdoor workouts and mix it up- I even went horse riding the other day- good fun!

horse 1

Mike: My favourite outdoor workout is running up hike mountains. I find it to be a great form of interval training and definitely a good way to get the heart rate right up! I always follow up with some yoga and stretching because this type of outdoor workout is quite intense!

So, whether you are travelling or just want to see more of your local outdoors, do at least one or two of your workouts outside each week- we know you will feel amazing for it! Remember to bring a good quality water bottle (our friends over at Man&Bird can help you out here!) and get moving! The best part is that there are so many fun ways to do it! Here are some of our favourites and suggestions:

Running/walking (find a nice park, river trail or beach track and breath in that fresh air!)







Workout circuit (in your back yard or at your favourite park)

Outdoor yoga

Beach Boot camp

Shoot hoops at your local outdoor basketball court

Walk your dog (always a mood lift walking a happy dog! It is Chico’s favourite part of the day!)


horse 2


Have fun, mix it up and soak up that sunshine- your body and mind will love you for it!

Mike & Suz 🙂

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