Our Adelaide Teacher Trainees: SUCCESS!

This past weekend marked the end of our 2016 Adelaide teacher training course – and let us tell you that we have been simply blown away by the progress and accomplishments of our trainees!



From the beginning, we watched as our trainees grew to not only be confident teachers, but also stronger people. They have become more in touch with their inner voice and have grown in character and beliefs.




We were lucky enough to score some great weather over the duration of the trainee course, allowing us to practice outside in parks and on beachfronts. This made the experience even more enjoyable, with all of us getting a dose of sunshine and fresh air – the perfect environment for learning! Of course, we have also been in front of the mirrors at the studio – which the trainees found daunting at first, but they soon came to realise that the mirrors are a great teaching tool.


“…We had a special activity day on Semaphore Beach last Sunday. It was a great day and many members of public joined our yoga class! In the last weeks of training we were taught different meditation methods and personal development techniques. Some parts of the training were quite emotional, as we learned to connect with ourselves on a deeper level…”

 – Jade, PPHY teacher trainee


As they got closer and closer to their yoga teacher graduation day, we enjoyed seeing our trainees get to know themselves better, become more confident and grow into wonderful yoga instructors. All of our teacher training programs are different, depending on each bunch of new trainees, but they are always a lot of fun and a life-changing experience – and this one has been no different in that respect.

We take a lot of pride in our course and feel happy knowing that the trainees that we work with will be able to take their new skills and help others, while also changing their own lives and careers. It is the best feeling and keeps us doing what we do.




Well done to our 2016 Adelaide Teacher Trainee graduates – we wish you all the best in your yogic futures!


Very proud,

Mike & Suz 🙂

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