One for yogis on the run!



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Although we are both yoga enthusiasts, we also enjoy other forms of exercise. In fact, yoga has helped us to increase our fitness, flexibility and capability within our other workouts!

Yoga helps to stretch and repair the muscles after a tough gym session, and also improves the flexibility of the body overall, allowing for smoother and looser movements in cardio activities such as running.

We like to run, as it is a cost-free way to workout while also getting outdoors! Requiring only our running shoes, workout clothes and headphones (and sometimes a bit of extra motivation!) running is the perfect exercise for people who travel as much as us! The 6km run from Sunshine Beach national park to Noosa is our favourite run of all time, but running up Diamond Head in Hawaii was also an unforgettable experience!

Many of our students at PPHY credit hot yoga for being able to run and many use it as part of their training for running events! So, we put together a weekly running and hot yoga program, suggested by some of our teachers and students who use hot yoga to compliment their running!


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This is a simple suggestion, constructed by some of the feedback given from our students who have used hot yoga as part of their training for running events. It is just an example and should be taken at your own pace! The combination of hot yoga, home stretching and running makes this program a great way to keep fit but also prevent injuries!


Happy running, yogis!

Mike & Suz

Is your body a little bit sore or tired from a big run? Find the next hot yoga class at your local PPHY studio by clicking HERE and come and stretch it out with us!