Olympians Who Do Yoga

Have you been keeping up with the 2016 Rio Olympics? We love tuning in and checking out all the amazing athletes doing their thing in their chosen sport. Did you know that yoga is under consideration for becoming an Olympic sport? There has even been talk of the practice having its very own ‘yoga Olympics,’ and the topic has had a lot of controversy surrounding it.

While some believe that the words ‘yoga’ and ‘competition’ should not even be in the same sentence, others think that it is encouraging people to do more yoga (always a positive thing!) and that the modern take on yoga does have a physical ability focus (even if this isn’t the main focus for everybody). We’re in two minds about it — however, we do agree that yoga helps with improving your ability in other workouts or sports, and helps to prevent injuries. We love reading about how Olympic athletes use yoga as part of their training regime and how it has helped them to get where they are today. No wonder it is popular — check out the list of benefits that yoga can have regarding other types of training:

  • increases flexibility
  • increases endurance
  • speeds up recovery time
  • prevents and helps to heal injuries
  • detoxifies the body
  • helps with digestion and healing
  • helps with mind strength and builds a positive mentality
  • Improves balance
  • Builds strength


“I really enjoy watching the Olympics and find the athletes to be truly inspiring. Not only are they amazingly fit in a physical sense, but they would also have to be SO strong mentally — mind strength would be crucial to be able to get where they are.”

Many of our students and teachers use yoga as a part of their health, fitness and wellbeing routines, and we encourage people to do this. Mix it up and keep things fun and balanced. Did you know that there are lots of Olympians who have creditied yoga as part of their success?


Image: si.com


Lebron James (Basketball)

A sporting name famous to even those who don’t follow basketball, the 2012 gold medalist credits his (mostly) injury-free career to yoga. He regularly busts out a yoga move on the courts and says that yoga stretches are the best way to quickly cure a cramp.



Evelyn Stevens (Cycling)

The fastest female cyclist for 2016, Stevens credits yoga for her mental strength while competing (which she would need a LOT of to get where she is!) You can watch what she has to say about yoga in her training programs here.


Image: independent.co.uk
Image: independent.co.uk

Andy Murray (Tennis)

Since adding hot yoga to his training regime a few years ago, the famous tennis player has won a couple of Wimbledon tournaments and a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics.


Image: telegraph.co.uk
Image: telegraph.co.uk

Jessica Ennis-Hill (Track and Field)

The track and field athlete specialises in several events (impressive!) and credits yoga for helping her to keep up her fitness during pregnancy, allowing her to have a speedier recovery and get back into her training after giving birth.


Image: Instagram / @jamieandersonsnow

Jamie Anderson (Snowboarding)

A champion snowboarder who won gold at the 2014 winter Olympics in 2014, Anderson is also an avid yoga Instagrammer, often posting yoga pose photos and crediting yoga for her strength, balance and flexibility.


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