Why You Should Never Skip Savasana

The last 10 minutes of yoga may be the most crucial.

It’s hard to believe that what looks to be the simplest of Yoga poses could be the most difficult, right? (Don’t worry, we once thought the same). But the practice of Savasana (or Shavasana) is very difficult and important to your Yoga practice for a number of reasons. Are you ready to delve a little deeper?



Not only does Savasana require your body to be still, it requires your mind to be still also. To completely relax your physical body and enter a state of meditation (which is no easy task). To reach a point where you are not distracted by sleep, work, the days worries or even what’s happening later in the evening but where you are fully present, conscious and mentally aware without being distracted by thoughts.

A Yoga class is not complete without Savasana at the end, your asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing) throughout the class are all preparing your body and mind for that final 10 minutes where you become completely present and still, allowing your body to reap the benefits of your postures and your mind to enter a state of meditation.


Do you struggle to find a calm and present state? To help you reach a state of mindfulness during Savasana we recommend trying techniques like focusing on your breathing – counting and feeling each breath, or doing a sensory scan of your body – starting at your toes and sending your awareness to each part of the body, feeling and noticing each sensation.

Mature Woman Rests In Corpse Pose

When you reach this state, you will be overwhelmed with a sense of stillness, calmness and inner peace, you will feel ecstatic because you have just experienced ‘Yoga’. Which is pretty magical, right?

So next time you’re practicing Yoga, don’t opt to exit the class before Savasana. Spare that extra 10 minutes and practice, as the benefits will grow exponentially from there. Don’t do it for us though, do it for you!