Nama-STAY Fresh! How To Prolong The Life Of Your Yoga Mat

Are you going through yoga mats quicker than you can say ‘trikoasana?’ We hear you. When yoga is your main thang, your mat can get just as much of a workout as you do! We practice yoga every day AND we often take our mats to the gym, so we have been through more mats than we care to admit! Over the years, we have found ways to prolong the lives of our beloved yoga essential, and here is a list of our tips and tidbits for a mat that stays fresher for longer!




Always use a towel

Always use a full length towel to protect your mat from sweat, dirty feet and grip friction.


Hang it

Always hang your mat up after use, rather than keeping it rolled up. This prevents mould and odors as well as prolongs the life of the rubber.


Wash it

If you want to get a deeper clean, fill a bathtub with warm water, lavender and lemon for your mat to soak in. Be warned, it will take up to a few days to hang dry, but at least your mat will be smelling fresh when it is ready (not to mention nice and relaxed after its warm bath!) 😛


Wipe it

For a quicker clean, spray the mat with a cleaning spray or vinegar diluted in water. Wipe down with a paper towel.


Keep out of the sun

Some mats will go dry and start to crack if left out in the sun, so make sure you hang it in a shaded area after you have completed your sunny outdoor yoga practice!


The Essentials

For the ultimate yogic experience, dilute essential oils (lavender, tea tree and orange make fresh choices) and spray over your mat before hanging.


When all else fails, it is time to buy a new mat! Thank your mat for being a dedicated yoga buddy… and then it’s out with the old and in with the new!


See you and your fresh mat in the studio!

Mike, Suz and the PPHY Team 🙂


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