My Fellow Teacher Trainees And I: Breaking Through Fears!

There’s more to our Teacher Training than just a certificate!

Well, it is official- the teacher trainees (including myself) are half way through our program! Woo!


In the past week, we have done a lot of ‘life coaching’ with our teachers- learning about ourselves, how we communicate with others, how we see ourselves and confronting our FEARS! This last one was a tricky component of the course, as everyone came to realise! It was a very emotional confrontation because we were not only asked to explain our fears, but also to delve deeper into them to find the root of our problems- as well as the answer to them!


While facing our fears was tough, working through them was the fun part! Mike has been running us through all types of activities during the life coaching components of the program- including literally breaking through our fears in a karate-style fashion! After identifying our fears, we were asked to write them down on pieces of wood…and then told to bust through them! There were a lot of giggles and ‘hiiieee-YAAAA’s’ going on, but we all completed the challenge!



This month is definitely a challenge, but also a very enjoyable one for me. One of my favourite things has been meeting the other trainees- people that I would probably never have met if I didn’t rise to this challenge! I am very happy that I did because they are all lovely and I am learning more about every person each week! I have made some great friends through this experience!



The Peak Physique Hot Yoga teacher trainees- getting up close and personal!
One of the hardest parts has been fitting in the minimum amount of regular Hot Yoga classes (at least 5 per week!) but this has also greatly improved my fitness, as regular or increased practice always does! I have developed some techniques for dealing with any fatigue, dehydration or injuries- I will post about them in my next post!
Overall, I am very happy with my progress and can’t wait for the second half of the month!



PS: I’ll have you know that my ‘tree of life’ is also achieving in life- look at the pretty flowers it has grown! Symbolic, perhaps?


Due to the success of previous and current Teacher Training programs, Peak Physique Hot Yoga has decided to run ANOTHER program in November! Keep a look out on our social media pages or email: peakphysiquemanagement@gmail.com for details!