Living The Modern Yogic Life: Our Interpretation

Yoga is an ancient practice and has been a part of the lives and health of people all over the world for centuries. Although it has some traditional definitions, yoga can be interpreted in many different ways in today’s modern world – especially in our western one.


We believe that living a ‘yogic lifestyle’ is open to interpretation, and comes down to what works for individuals on their own road to happiness. For us, being happy and balanced means staying healthy, keeping fit, eating clean, getting outdoors and spending quality time with the people we love. We believe it is about focusing on the important elements in life, and then finding a balance between them – that can be the tricky part!


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“For me, staying balanced it about healthy eating. I find that if I am eating well, the other things in my life tend to fall into place. I take some of my beliefs from ayurvedic teachings and others from more modern approaches. My ‘time-out’ is also really essential. I find it hard to switch off from my busy life, but I know that this is really crucial for my mental wellbeing. If I am calm and centered, this allows me to be more giving towards others and to love the people around me.”


We encourage you to take a few moments from each day to focus on what is important to you – what makes you happy!? Then, incorporate these things into each day. Whether it is working hard for a career, being creative, spending more time with friends, walking the dog or getting outside at least once a day – finding what it is that calms the soul and brings organic happiness is the starting point in living a happy, healthy yogic life.


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“I think that living a yogic life is about taking traditional principals and applying them to a modern world. It’s about finding what works and what doesn’t, and then living by your own rules!”


So what makes you happy? What gives you a buzz? What calms your soul, but excites you at the same time? Think about it… and then design your own yogic lifestyle!


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Mike & Suz 🙂


We love to encourage people to change their lives to suit their needs – it’s our passion!

Are you happy in your working life? Would you be happier as a yoga instructor or a yoga studio owner?

Make your own hours, live your own lifestyle and live the yogic life you WANT!

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