Life Before Hot Yoga


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Hot yoga is one of the central elements to our self-customised, healthy lifestyle. It helps us to stay fit, detoxify and keep our minds clear! It is a consistent part of our lives, but it wasn’t always this way! There was a time when we hadn’t even heard of hot yoga and weren’t aware of what we were missing out on! These are the confessions of two hot yoga enthusiasts!



 I was about 16 or 17 years old when I gave my first Hot Yoga class a go! I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was really intrigued by the concept of it all. At this point in time, I was holding a lot of fluid (or puppy fat, haha!) and also had some acne issues with my skin. I remember that my first class was super challenging, but this was probably why I loved it so much! It soon became a regular part of my routine. After practicing consistently for a little while, I noticed that my body shape began to change. I lost my puppy fat and my weight stabilised to a healthy range. I also really noticed a difference in my skin – my acne cleared up and I had a new glow that I had never experienced before. I was loving it!

After years of practice, the benefits have only increased. These days I am of a petite, yet muscular body shape, my skin is always clear and moisturized (never dry!), I am fit and my mind is clear and determined! Hot yoga has been a major contribution to the strong, confident and happy woman I am today!”




 “I started hot yoga a little later than Suz at 23 years old. Actually, it was Suz who introduced me to it!

I have always been interested in fitness and health, and after a major motorbike accident, I became passionate about recovery workouts (such as pilates, strength work etc). Suzanna told me about hot yoga and I was really excited to go to a class – finally a workout that helped with recovery as well as offered a challenge! And what a challenge it was! I was instantly addicted and it soon became a big part of my everyday workout regime. Before hot yoga, I was fit, but not as toned as I am now. Yoga has really helped me to get some definition and build muscle. Mentally, I wasn’t as clear and really lacked direction. I wasn’t flexible and the injury on my ankle from the motorbike accident meant I could hardly walk on my foot! These days, living a life full of hot yoga, I have a clear and focused mind. I feel like I can achieve anything I aim for! My ankle injury has recovered – I can now stretch my ankle and move my foot, which is a huge success in itself. Hot yoga has not only recovered my physical injuries, but has also taught me that anything is possible!”

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Hot yoga has changed our lives, and it can change yours, too! For fitness, health and that hot yoga skin glow, develop a consistent practice at any of our PPHY studios!



Mike & Suz 🙂

Don’t have time for hot yoga? Or perhaps you would prefer to do yoga from the comfort of your own home? Our 21 Day Detox Guide is full of yoga sequences and instructions that you can learn in your own time! Let us help you to lose weight, tone up and gain a clearer mind, all through our yogic detoxification process! 

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