Latest PPHY Logan News: It’s Good To Have Megs Back!

Latest news for the Logan studio: A UK holiday, a wedding and a hot yoga instructor!

Our Logan studio students are very happy to have Megs back after her holiday away. Megs is the studio owner of the Logan studio and is also one of the main instructors there. Last month, Megs had bridesmaid duties to fulfill — all the way over in the UK!

The wedding was in Portsmouth, a southern area in the UK and the bride was one of Meg’s family friends. ‘My Mum was the bridesmaid in her Mum’s wedding, and vice-versa,’ says Megs, ‘so we were keeping the tradition alive!’

Meg looked beautiful in her bridesmaids dress (as her partner, Jarryd, pointed out on the Peak Physique Hot Yoga Logan Instagram page while she was away!). She also kept yoga as one of her priorities while travelling. ‘I did a sequence each day, even if it was just a 20 minute set of salutations or something like that,’ she says, ‘this helped, but I REALLY missed the heat! I felt so stiff from not being able to do my usual amount of hot room practice.’


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She did manage to squeeze in a hot yoga session, though! The House Of Yoga studio in Putney, London was there to help Megs get her fix — even if she found it to be a little different from her usual Peak environment. ‘The studio I visited in London had quite a serious feel about it,’ she says, ‘but the teacher was great and we did a hot Vinyasa sequence, which was fun!’




Back at the studio, Megs was missed while she was away and Jarryd was shown first hand just how much energy goes into a consistent hot yoga practice, as he made an effort to do as many classes as possible while Megs was in the UK. This helped to keep the atmosphere positive at the studio and further built the sense of community, which is growing throughout the staff and students. ‘People are making friends at the studio and providing great feedback all the time, it is great to see,’ says Megs.




It’s great to have you back, Megs, we hope you enjoy your time back in the hot room!


Mike, Suz & the PPHY team 🙂