Inhale…Exhale…’Our Breath Of Life’ Workshop Was JUST What We Needed!

This months workshop introduced mediation through breath!

In today’s modern, technological, fast-paced world, we are all expected to keep up with our responsibilities and to have things done ‘right now’ (if not five minutes ago!). Teamed with the added elements of relationships, careers, children, money (the list is endless for many of us), this can cause a lot of stress. Why is this a bad thing? Stress is known to have both mental and physical effects on the body- and majority of these effects are negative ones. It is important for all of us to step out of our routine for a moment and be present, unwind and reenergise. Yoga and meditation are powerful tools for this, and this is why we decided to hold the ‘Breath Of Life’ workshop last Saturday!




Guided by Luciana, students were provided with lots of information about why it is important to slow down, ease the mind and relax the body- ultimately being present in the lives that we work so hard to maintain. We were shown how to relax the mind and body through breath, using it as a tool to eliminate stress and overcome anxiety.






However, it wasn’t all inhales and exhales! Luciana picked up the tempo a little bit by introducing some fun postures and then showing us how to move through them using the breath. Suzanna and Mike also chipped in, incorporating some acroyoga (partner yoga), which was both challenging and exhilarating! Suzanna also included her notorious ‘Sally-up’ workout (if you have been to a previous workshop, you will know what we are talking about!), which was- as always- hard but hilarious! Peak Physique Hot Yoga student, Sophie, was just one of the many who enjoyed the workshop, saying she really enjoyed the way the class was made to be relevant to everyday life. ‘I really loved the mix of theory, practice and fun,’ she said, ‘the workshop really taught us how to use breath as a tool in everyday life, which was really great.’





The workshop was both relaxing and fun, with some elements helping us to make peace with our inner selves and other elements helping us to laugh, let go and have a good time (also important parts of being present!). A big ‘thank you’ to Luciana for being such a warm, approachable and engaging instructor throughout the workshop (and always!) and for creating such a positive environment for all our workshop goers!











Our next monthly workshop for September will be ‘RAISE YOUR VIBRATION’ with Luciana! We will be looking at the Chakra system and the many different postures that go with it! We will also be working through a guided meditation and letting our natural inner energy flow!


Date: Saturday 26th September

Time: 11:45am to 1.45pm

Where: Seaton studio

Cost: $40

Join us for a cuppa after class!

Sign up online- places are limited!