How We Made Friends With Our Motivation Levels!


When it comes to being consistent with your fitness and health, motivation can either be your best friend…or your worst enemy! We believe this is a CHOICE and we choose to make friends with our motivation levels! There are so many different ways to motivate yourself, and some of them can be quite unexpected! Here’s how we like to keep our motivation levels up!


Fun Exercises!

“I like to motivate myself by exercising in anyway- I like going to the gym, practicing yoga, or rollerblading!”

Staying Active!

“Keeping active helps me to feel good about myself – inside and out! Exercising also gives me more energy and I find that my motivation and energy levels go down if I haven’t had my workout yet!”

Getting out and about

“A fun night out of dancing, moving and socializing on the weekend is also a great motivation-lifter for me! It gets me relaxed and ready for my week ahead!”


Coconut water break!
Coconut water break!



Early starts

“I think early starts are the key to getting things DONE! 6am is my wake up time and because I am used to it, I feel fantastic and ready to smash out the day!”


“When I am feeling a little low in motivation or energy, I like to asses why that is. Asking myself little questions about why I am feeling the way that I am feeling helps me to target the problem, fix it and then get right back into being my usual motivated self!”


So, what do we suggest when you feel that you might be starting to lose motivation?

Ask yourself some of these questions:


-Am I eating right?

 -Am I getting enough sleep (7-8 hours)?

 -Am I getting to bed early enough (before midnight!)

 -What are my goals?

 -How can I enjoy myself and make myself happy?


By asking these questions, you will start to see the real reason for your low motivation levels- perhaps your body is just trying to tell you something! To help your mental state, we also suggest breaking that de-motivation pattern! Go out for a coffee with a friend, cook dinner for family or go for a walk- whatever helps you to enjoy life and get back on track!

Mike & Suz 🙂


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