How To Stay Hydrated (And The Importance Of It!)

With a busy lifestyle that includes lots of airports and flying (especially lately, on our Mexico adventure!) we know how important it is to stay hydrated. Did you know that your body loses a HUGE amount of water when flying? It is possible to lose a massive 1.5L of water within just the first 3 hours of flight!

early morning run in mexico
An early morning run in Mexico!


This form of transport can be rough on our bodies, causing us to become dehydrated and lacking in minerals and electrolytes. This is why everyone always feels so lethargic after flying!


coconut water in mexico

Being Hot Yoga lovers, we also know how much sweat we lose during a good Hot Yoga workout, which is why we always keep hydration at the top of our priority list! This is because staying hydrated has SOOO many benefits, including:

-increased energy

-decreased appetite

-clearer skin

-increased cardiovascular health

-improved function of muscles and joints

-cleanses toxins from the body

-better mood

-slows the ageing process


early morning run in mexico


There are lots of ways to stay hydrated, but it is important to avoid sugary drinks and caffeine, as these have a dehydrating effect. Even while holidaying, we make sure we stay hydrated so that we can enjoy each day to the fullest. Here are some tips on how you can, too:


  1. Water bottles

Keep one with you at all times- on your desk, in the car, in your gym bag! This way, you will always be reminded to take sips throughout the day. Buy a funky water bottle to make things more interesting J


  1. Lemon and Himylayan salt

This combo is a cheap and clean way of restoring the body’s electrolytes and minerals.


  1. Supplements


Supplements such as electrolyte emergency (which we sell at our Peak Physique Hot Yoga studios) can be handy for emergency rehydration moments! We take them away with us when we travel because they are small and convenient to carry around!


  1. Coconut water


Coconut water is a delicious way to rehydrate- a treat that is full of electrolytes!

coconut water in mexico
Enjoying a well-deserved fresh coconut! YUM
  1. Be conscious


There are some times when we need EXTRA rehydration. After a Hot Yoga session (obviously!), after any form of exercise, during hot weather, during and after flying on a plane- all of these are situations that dehydrate our bodies. Be mindful of what your body needs and compensate by upping your water intake!



Mike and Suz 🙂