Hot Yoga Studio Etiquette

Here at PPHY, we encourage a welcoming, fun environment for yogis of all ages, genders, sizes and fitness levels. We know that yoga studios often have an intimidating feel about them, especially if you are new to yoga. As much as we take our yoga very seriously, we like to encourage a relaxed, less serious environment within our studios. However, this doesn’t mean that studio etiquette goes out the window! Because hot yoga is a form of meditation (and because we all get so sweaty!) it is important to remember a few house rules to keep your fellow yogis happy.


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1. Walk around people’s mats, not over them.
Especially in hot yoga, things can get sweaty. If you need to cross the studio in a full class, walk around other people’s mats, not over them. Even if you don’t actually step on someone else’s mat, you can drip sweat on it if you step over it. We sweat on our own mats enough during class, without someone else’s sweat adding to the situation, so take the scenic route around the class and keep things hygienic. Oh, and remember to remove your shoes before entering the studio! ☺

2. Come prepared
Speaking of sweat, if you perspire a lot during class (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) bring an extra towel to wipe up any pools during your drink breaks. This prevents slips and falls and also keeps your space pleasant to practice in ☺


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3. Be on time
At PPHY, we have a lockout policy while the class in practice; so latecomers cannot disturb the other students. However, it is also a good idea to come 15 minutes early when possible, to help the teacher to stay on time and to allow yourself time to arrive in the class mentally ☺

4. Chat, but keep it down
While some studios do not allow talking before or after the class, here at PPHY we don’t mind a little bit of quiet chatter. Remember to be mindful of others in the class in terms of your volume and avoid talking to your mates after class until you are out of the studio (people are in Savasana!) ☺


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5. Switch off
Yoga is a time to switch off from the noise of everyday life… and this includes your mobile phone. Remember to switch off your electronics before entering the studio. Trust us, it will save you a lot of embarrassment and grumpy glances from other students ☺

6. Cleanliness is appreciated

No one finds it easy to enjoy a practice if there are some unpleasant smells wafting around. Keeping clean is a good way to prevent this — even rinsing your feet before class is a good way to keep things fresh. If you can, have a shower before class and at the very least, remember your deodorant! ☺


Keep all these things in mind and you will be making yogis friends in no time. Remember, it is the simple things that allow everyone to have a safe, enjoyable and comfortable practice. See you in the studio soon!


The PPHY Team ☺