HOT YOGA FUEL: What Will You Find In Michael & Suzanna’s Fridge?

Use food as fuel for your best Hot Yoga practice!

Besides the numerous benefits it can have for your mind and mental health, we all know that Hot Yoga is also a strenuous workout. It requires a lot of determination, strength and endurance- which means our diet needs to be able to support this!



When you are practicing yoga or excersising as often as us, it is important that your diet and nutrition is adequate in supplying the energy levels and recovery tools your body needs to function and perform at its best- both in the studio and out of it!

So what does our fridge actually contain? Take a look at our Snap below!


We have bananas, coconut, mangoes, spinach, tomatoes, grapes, lemons, kiwi fruits, soya milk, carrots, fish, eggs, mushrooms! Our fridge typically includes these wonderful fuels each week, helping us to maintain our fit and healthy Peak Physique Bodies!

Obviously, everyone is different and everyone has different dietary needs- but we have some staple ingredients and nutritional tips that we think everyone can benefit from! We believe it is all about eating FRESH and UNPROCESSED foods! If it comes out of a packet, we suggest to avoid it!

Give these tips ago instead:


Greens, greens, greens- we can’t get enough of them! Green veggies have countless nutritional benefits and it is so easy to add them into your diet! Salads are the obvious one, but even adding them to other meals or including them in juices and smoothies makes it easier to up your intake. The best part? There are sooooo many green veggies and herbs to choose from- so experiment!




These could quite possibly be the most convenient and time-saving way of adding extra nutritional value to your diet. Packing your juice or smoothie with greens, seeds, nuts and fruit can be a quick and easy-to-digest nutritional hit! In regards to Hot Yoga, we think they are the perfect pre-class snack (but remember to drink it at least 2 hours before class!). They are also a yummy way to refuel after class – or just to enjoy on a summers day! HINT: be mindful of how much fruit you are using to keep the sugar levels down. For the same reason, avoid fruit juices and use coconut water or unsweetened almond milk as liquid alternatives.




Protein is necessary for muscle development and fat help us to stay fuller for longer- so these nutritional friends need to have a big presence in our hot yoga fuel! Remember- it is all about what works for you! Choose from meat, eggs, fish, seeds and nuts for your protein intake, while avocados, seeds, nuts and fish are also great choices for your fat intake! Where possible, see if you can buy organic and free-range!






Of course, when you feel like you are just about exerting your own weight in sweat during a Hot Yoga class, it is important that you stay hydrated! Most people think that this is just a case of drinking lots of water, and while this is necessary it is also important to keep your electrolyte and mineral levels up! There are lots supplements available for this as well as some more natural options such as coconut water or water with Himalayan salt and lemon!

You are what you eat, so ensure your intake of food & liquid are the best fuel for your body, soul & mind!


Mike and Suz