Hot Yoga & Coconut water: A Match Made In Tropical Heaven

When you’re losing a whole lot of sweat during a hot yoga sweat sesh, sometimes water just doesn’t cut it when it comes to rehydrating! Sweating is a good thing and means that your body is working hard, we just have to make sure that we are replacing the salts, minerals and electrolytes that can be lost in the process! This is what coconut water is one of our all-time favourite beverages!



“I like to drink coconut water a couple of hours before a class so that I am extra hydrated and ready to work to my peak performance! I also like to have it after class occasionally, when I am feeling like something a little bit tastier and more rewarding than water!”




We can’t deny that fresh coconut water (straight from young green coconuts) is one of the reasons that we are SO excited for our Bali 2016 teacher training intake (email for enquiries!). A tropical landscape with serene vibes and more fresh coconut water than you can drink – what better place is there to become a yoga instructor??? Back here in Australia, we also like to keep our students hydrated and happy – there is a reason why we keep our PPHY studio fridges stacked to the brim with coconut water! It has so many benefits for a consistent hot yoga practice:


Rehydrates the body

Provides energy and carbohydrates for energy 

Reduces any dizziness or headaches

 Lowers blood pressure 

Replenishes electrolytes 

Promotes weight-loss 

Balances PH levels

Normalises blood sugar levels




Enjoy coconut water as a satisfying rehydration source – before, during or after your hot yoga practice… or anytime at all, really!


Mike & Suz



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