Have a friend who SHOULD do yoga? Here is how to convince them…

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We all have that one friend who would really benefit from a consistent yoga practice. In fact, EVERYONE can benefit from a consistent yoga practice, and the proof is in the results! We all have our personal favourite benefits, and with so many to choose from it is hard to pick just one… but here is what we came up with:


“My favourite hot yoga benefit is the accelerated weight-loss and body toning. I can always count on it when I’m aiming to maintain a healthy weight and gain strength!”


“Guys will often shy away from yoga, feeling that is it ‘just for girls.’ They don’t realise that yoga (and especially hot yoga) will benefit their normal exercise regime by increasing their flexibility and stretching tight muscles. It is a really great recovery workout, and that is my favourite benefit!”


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We know yoga is awesome. You know yoga is awesome. Now to convince that one person you have in mind that yoga is awesome! The next time you are nagging them about coming along to a class with you, remind them of these benefits:


-core strengthening

-muscle building




-clear skin (the yoga glow!)

-prevent injuries

-improved mental state

-clearer mind

-better sleep patterns

-decreased appetite


Go ahead- print the list off and give it to them or send them this link! There’s a benefit for EVERYONE! Don’t just take it from us, head over to our testimonials page and have a read about what our students have to say!


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See you and your buddy on the mat!


Mike & Suz and the PPHY Team 🙂