Got a favourite workout? Here’s how yoga can compliment it!

Just because you have another favourite sport or workout, doesn’t mean that you should forget about yoga as part of your regime! Yoga can help to make other exercises easier as well as help to prevent injuries. While Hot Yoga takes a major role in our own workout regimes, we also like to team it with other forms of physical activities. Suz is a keen tennis player and both of us like to get into the weights at the gym! We also love outdoor activities like hiking and cycling! Despite all this movement, we have managed to prevent injuries and improve our fitness with the help of yoga! Here’s why:

yoga and fitness




Love going for runs or long hikes? You will need your cardiovascular endurance levels up! Yoga (and especially the hot kind) can help to increase lung capacity and cardio capability levels. We both love to run- but find it so much easier when we have been keeping up a consistent yoga practice!




Yoga is like the holy grail of core workouts, and students often tell us that they notice flatter tummies and even abs- all without doing thousands of sit ups! Through balancing poses and core movements, yoga helps to strengthen this area without you even realising it! Now that’s something everyone can love!


yoga and fitness


Muscle toning


Leg, arm and core strength are all incorporated into our yoga classes, creating a full body workout that increases muscle mass! This helps us to gain strength in other workouts such as weight sessions and hiking! Mike’s weight sessions are pretty intense, and he credits yoga for remaining injury-free and improving each week!




We love our hot yoga classes because we sweat soooo much (but so does everyone!). This cleans out toxins and waste from the body, allowing us to feel fresh and ready to take on our next workout- whatever that may be!


yoga and fitness




This is the big one. Staying flexible helps to prevent injuries and makes other forms of exercise (especially high intensity ones such as running and hiking) a lot easier and pain-free! We like to think that going to a yoga class is like taking your body for a ‘general service,’ just like you would do with a car! It is so important to maintain and care for our bodies so that we can remain injury-free and active!




Any form of physical activity requires focus, especially if you are competitive with yourself and your personal scores (we certainly are, as well as with each other!!!). Yoga helps to clear the mind and refocus energy to a particular goal or objective. It also helps to train the mind, building determination and self-discipline- and we could all do with a little bit of that!

fitness and yoga


We hope this list of benefits encourages you to team your yoga practice with other exercises that you love! Whether yoga is your main thing or just a compliment to another activity that you are passionate about, we know that having yoga in your life will help you to remain injury-free, active and happy- just like it has for us!


Mike & Suz 🙂


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