Get to know… Luciana!

If you’re a regular student at one of our SA studios, chances are you will know this friendly face! Her name is Luciana and she has been a part of the PPHY family for some time now. Her beloved classes and teaching style are popular amongst our students and she always brings happy vibes and lots of smiles to each practice. She is the studio manager at our Seaton studio but also teaches at our Prospect location.




Luciana has been practicing yoga for nearly 30 years, and has been teaching full-time yoga for four years. She is certified in many different styles, including Raja, hot yoga and power yoga. She is also currently completing a 500 hour Hatha yoga course, which takes eighteen months of study to complete. “I am really interested in Somatics and the study of gentle exercise that can result in more efficient and pain-free movement,” she says.

Luciana has also travelled with her yoga. She has been on many trips to Thailand to learn about and practice traditional yoga methods and meditation. “This year I had the opportunity to travel to India and spend a week at the Association of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Centre,” she says, “I was initiatied by Swami Veda Bharati, who is the disciple of the founder, Swami Rama. I was even given my own mantra — pretty amazing!”


“I love being able to pass on what I have learned to students and allow them to experience the benefits,”


Luciana says her favourite pose is Camel Pose and that she finds yoga teaching to be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. “I love being able to pass on what I have learned to students and allow them to experience the benefits,” she says, “it is always good to notice their development and watch the changes that yoga brings to them.”

Luciana has also been a big part of the first PPHY beginners course that is currently taking place at the Seaton studio, and she says it has been a huge success. “I have been able to meet some amazing new students, some completely new to yoga. Others have come to learn more about the practice — not only the physical aspect, but also the breathing techniques and yogic philosophy.” The  beginners course is new to the PPHY studios, and aims to teach students the fundamentals of yoga including breath, meditation, exploration of ‘self’ and basic asanas. “We have been focusing on self-exploration, self-awareness and the self in regards to injury,” says Luciana, “We have been welcoming whatever is present for them on the day.”

While she lives a healthy life full of yoga, Luciana says she can’t go past a pasta meal after a big day of yoga teaching, “I love pasta with crab and plenty of chilli,” she says, “it’s the Italian in me!”




Luciana teaches regular classes at both our Seaton and Prospect studios. To find out when she is teaching next, head to our locations page and select your preferred timetable — or check the class times on our free PPHY app (super easy!).

To find out more about our beginner courses, email: peakphysiquemanagement@gmail.com