How To Get Back Into Hot Yoga…After It’s Been A While!

There are going to be times in life when we aren’t going to be able to stick to our routine. Sickness, injury, work, commitments, low motivation levels, holidays or simply just taking a break — these are all things that can get in the way of a consistent hot yoga practice. Especially at this time of year, we know lots of our students and even our teachers have been sick with the usual winter nasties. Whatever the reason, if it has been a while since you rolled your mat out in the hot room, chances are you are going to be a bit anxious about your first class. Here’s some tips to help you get back into routine:



When practicing hot yoga consistently, your body starts to get used to how much extra water you need to be drinking. After some time off, you need to treat your body as a new student, and make sure you are hydrating before, during and after a class.


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No Expectations

If you have had some time away from the studio, we have to be honest with you — you’re going to feel like a new student. Don’t expect to be able to do what you could before, like advanced poses or extra variations. Even the simplest poses may feel stiff and strange to you. The good news? The heated room will help your body get back to its previous state quicker, but it will take time. Don’t force it, listen to your body.


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Take It Slow

The best part about returning to hot yoga after some time off is that you really get to relive your body’s progress. Take notice of how your body has changed, and then take pleasure in feeling grow, progress and evolve with each practice.


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Begin Again

Treat yourself like a new student. Don’t push yourself too hard or do the more advanced versions of poses. Be patient and begin again. Do the simpler variations and take breaks when you need them. Don’t worry, it wont take long for you to get back to your usual practice.


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“Forcing any pose can cause injury and discomfort. While it is great to put in lots of effort, the most important thing is to listen to your body and do what is right for you!”


Make A Small Goal

If you usually go to hot yoga every day, perhaps start with a smaller or more achievable goal. Start with two times a week, then three times per week, for example. Or perhaps set up a one week challenge for yourself, keeping track of how your practice progresses each time.


Do a 6am class

If low motivation is your reason for taking a break from yoga, we suggest doing a 6am class. Our days are full of things that can become ‘excuses’ to not go to a night class. So, get yourself up early and come to a 6am class! That way, your morning begins with your practice and you have already achieved your goal for the day. We highly recommend it!



“The hardest part of morning yoga is getting out of bed! Once you’re on your mat, starting your day with a practice is the best feeling.”


Grab A Yoga Buddy

Having a yoga buddy can really help you get back into hot yoga. You will have more reason to come to class, more motivation and someone to talk about your progress with. Plus, you can go for a green smoothie together afterwards. Woo!


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Remember, the most important part of getting back into hot yoga is simply starting. While the first few classes might be a challenge, enjoy this process and know that you are doing your mind, body and spirit good, no matter where you’re at on the mat.


Mike, Suz

& The PPHY Team 🙂