Feeling Accomplished

The August 2015 Peak Physiquye Hot Yoga teacher training program is complete!

Let it be known that this past Saturday the 29th August 2015, a lovely bunch of Hot Yoga teacher trainees (known amongst ourselves as ‘the bunny krishnas’) and I all passed our final Hot Yoga teacher training assessments!




Despite being a little bit nervous (ok, maybe more than a little bit), the day was actually really exciting and fulfilling. It was great to see all of the trainees supporting each other- going through notes, rehearsing sequences, grabbing a cup of tea together to calm the mind before the final assessment. It really highlighted the strong bonds and friendships that have come out of doing this program.


There is always a sense of pride (and relief) when you find out that you have passed an assessment, and passing the Peak Physique Hot Yoga teacher training program was no exception. Every trainee went into the assessment room looking anxious, but came out with a HUGE smile and look of pride- we all passed, we were all suddenly in possession of a 200 Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training certificate! (And the certificate looks pretty snazzy, too!). Followed by champagne and a shared afternoon tea- it really was an awesome day!





A lot of hard work, perseverance, commitment and courage went into taking this course, and it has been interesting to hear about all the different directions each trainee (now qualified teacher) wants to take. Some want to start teaching straight away, some want to take their new knowledge and expand on it through other forms of yoga, some want to travel and teach (that one is my personal favourite and something I will have to look into!!!).






Personally, I took on this course in order to develop my knowledge about yoga and to improve my own practice. It has been a HUGE self-learning adventure, and I have learnt a lot about myself as well as yoga in general. I have improved my fitness levels and mental strength and I am feeling very fit and motivated! I am excited to teach- to help others to find the joy and fulfillment in yoga- but I am also excited to remain a student (because in yoga, we are always students, constantly learning and evolving our practice!).




Who knows, you might just see me at the front of your Peak Physique Hot Yoga class sometime soon! If you do, don’t forget to come and say hello!


Rach 🙂