Frequently Asked Questions

Your First Visit – what to expect!

Your first visit to Peak Physique Hot Yoga will be warm and welcoming. It is normal to feel nervous for your first class, we promise we will look after you. The first class will be your most challenging, ensure to keep reading below so you best prepare.

Arrive to the studio 10 minutes before class commencing. We have bathrooms at all locations, reception area and a secure place to put your bag. All of our instructors are very friendly and even our clients too! You will soon feel like family at Peak Physique!

You can download Peak Physique Hot Yoga App with your phone, select your preferred location and book in and pre-purchase your pass or membership. Alternatively you can book in via our website timetable or call the studio direct.

You can book via our website, the Peak Physique Hot Yoga app (available in the Apple Store or Google Play Stores), or the Mindbody app.

We recommend:

  • Wear active wear, just as if you were to do a fitness workout
  • Bring a large drink bottle, a yoga mat and a towel (or we have our speciality Peak Physique mats, towels, drink bottles available for purchase at each studio)
  • Keep your fluids up prior to coming to class
  • No eating 2 to 3 hours before class – light snack such as fruit if you’re really hungry
  • No coffee at least 5 hours before class
  • Remember that at any stage during the class you may sit down or lay down on your mat
  • Take the class at your own pace – there is no pressure to do every posture
  • Take your first class in the second or back row

Most importantly ‘Get Ready for Fitness Based Yoga – sweat and detox!’

Yes, we sell these at our studio.

Selection of our products:
– Peak Physique Yoga Mats
– Peak Physique Yoga Dry Fit Towels
– Peak Physique Dry Fit Sweat Towels
– Peak Physique 1l Glass Drink Bottle

That is absolutely ok! We have many clients at beginner level. All of our classes are welcoming to any level. We recommend our Warm Physique or Hot Physique signature classes for your first time – however you are still able to join us in any class.

Yoga is an individual experience and our classes are designed to help you become more flexible and stronger. Everyone starts from a different place, so begin from wherever you are, our heaters will help you to stretch deeper and further and overtime you will get results of flexibility.

The classes are fitness-based and require self muscle strength, utilising your core and increasing your cardio levels. You will be using all of your major muscle groups to perform the poses. The dynamic nature of the classes combined with the heat will also help to stimulate your blood circulation and increase your calorie burn. Many people find that they become more toned and stronger thanks to a consistent Peak Physique Hot Yoga classes. We recommend minimum 3 classes per week to see the weight loss results and getting into shape! 

Late Cancel: To make sure we can accommodate everyone who wants to take a class, Peak Physique Hot Yoga studios may charge a late cancellation fee. If cancellation takes place after the late cancellation period, as set by the studio, a late cancel fee of $10 may occur. We understand that life happens so please ensure you cancel as early as possible.

For our Hot Classes we heat the room to between 35°-40° and 26°-30° for Warm Classes.

Our specialised infra-red heating systems are the same products used by the medical industry to assist with muscle repair, increased blood flow, flushing toxins from the body, speeding up the process of digestion, regeneration of cells and increased flexibility. Our Hot Yoga classes allow your lymphatic system to move toxins out of the body more efficiently. Not to mention it tightens the skin, improves complexion, assists with weight loss and most importantly challenges the mind to help you switch off and reduce stress and anxiety.

Yes, we ask that all our students are at least 16 years old. If you are under 16 years old you will need to be accompanied by a Guardian.

Our certified Peak Physique Instructors have experience instructing our clients who may have injuries giving assistance and modification in poses needed. It is in your best interests to make your instructor aware of any injuries you may have before class so they can best assist you. We will also leave notes on your profile so each Physique Physique instructor will know about your injury.

You lay down on your mat, that way the blood flow can come back to your brain and give you a chance to recalibrate. When you are ready you can join back in with the class. Take as many rest breaks as you need.

Consistency is the key. At least three times a week is the best way to enjoy the positive effects of your hot yoga practice. Every little bit counts so fitting in a regular class into your weekly schedule is still beneficial even if it is only once per week.

Feel free to ask us any question at the studio or call us directly and we can assist!

You can send your enquiry direct to us, and we will be in contact with you.